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Boyde Beck - The 1884 Cemetery Murder

BoydeBeck2013Mainstreet.jpgIt's a spooky time of year, with vampires and goblins lurching through the alleyways and streets... and our historian has gotten in the mood.

Boyde Beck has the story of a ghastly murder on PEI that took place in a cemetery in 1884. Listen... if you dare!

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Historic Home Course - Nicole Hashie

Mainstreet2013a.jpgIf you've seen the movie MoneyPit - that could apply to some living in historic or heritage homes. For others maintaining an old house can be on par with more recent buildings. But those old houses do need care and attention.

Culture Summerside and Holland College in Summerside are teaming up with Heritage Consultant Nicole Hashie to give a course called Forever Home. Nicole Hashie is a Heritage Consultant in Summerside. For more information go to the Forever Home series website or call 1-888-613-5597.

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Boyde Beck - Bathygnathus Borealis

BoydeBeck2013Mainstreet.jpgBoyde Beck, Mainstreet's historian, takes us back to the days of the dinosaur. In 1845, Donald McLeod, a farmer in French River was digging a well and came across a odd looking rock... with teeth in it. He kept it as a memento.  As it turned out, it was more than a rock... it was a Bathygnathus Borealis. It became the first purported dinosaur fossil to be found in Canada, and the second in North America.

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