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History: September 2013 Archives

Dutch Thompson's Bygone Days - Flo & Clive

DutchThompsonFloClive.jpgDutch Thompson tells us about a couple of characters, both born over 100 Years ago. Clive Bruce was a fisherman from Elmira, and Flo Turner who was a century baby - born in 1900. From predicting the weather by fish, hosting a chivaree, to buying a set of new togs at the general store... we're going back a long way!  For more stories from Dutch's collection visit islandvoices.ca

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Dutch Thompson's Bygone Days - Boston Cousins

DutchThompsonBygoneDaysSept132013.jpgMost of us have what used to be known as "Boston Cousins". Dutch Thompson is here with stories from The Bygone Days celebrating the end of summer visitors - our relatives in the Boston states. From thrill rides, ship building, hand-me-downs to mustard pickles... they certainly made summer interesting. Dutch's Complete archive is available at islandvoices.ca

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PEI's Fires of 1960 - Boyde Beck

Thumbnail image for BoydeBeck2013Mainstreet.jpgBoyde Beck joins us to fan the history flames, when PEI was burning in 1960. In the first week of September there was about 80 forest fires burning in the Gulf of St. Laurence region. Boyd explains about how Islanders and volunteers formed bucket-brigades, saved homes and harvests, and even the Premier pitched in to fight fire on PEI!  Boyde Beck is Mainstreet's historian and he joins us every two weeks on Wednesday.

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