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History: June 2013 Archives

Boyde Beck - Remedies of the 20's, 30's and 40's

BoydeBeck2013Mainstreet.jpgWhat soothes sunburn better, grated raw potato or butter?  What do you use for bug repellant - benzine, kerosene or epsom salts? None of the above? Our historian, Boyde Beck offers some summertime health, household hints, and remedies from the 20's, 30's and 40's.

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St. Ann's Manse house... hits the road

StAnnsManseHouse.jpgPeople driving in the Kingston/Emyvale area of the Island had to deal with a different type of traffic jam... a building was taking up both lanes. The old manse, adjacent to St. Ann's Church, was on the move to a new location. Jean-Serge Gagnon is the proud new owner of St. Ann's Manse in Emyvale PEI, and he dropped by the studio.

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Dutch Thompson - 100 Years/Incredible Changes

DutchThompsonBygoneDays.jpgThis webisode of Dutch Thompson's Bygone Days, featured are folks born 100 years ago... in 1913. We hear from Arthur Hughes who farmed in Bedford on the road to Dalvay all his life, 100 year old Amy Bryanton from Kensington, and townie - Frances Llewellyn from Georgetown and Everett Macdougall, who celebrated his 100th birthday in May. It's hard to imagine the incredible changes they've seen in the farming industry in their lifetime.

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