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Boyde Beck - PEI's Gold Rush in May of 1883

BoydeBeck2013Mainstreet.jpgJames Hughes was the first PEI entrepreneur who went in search of gold on PEI. He tried to keep it quiet, but soon the gossip had spread. This sparked PEI's gold fever back in May of 1883. Mainstreet's Historian Boyde Beck explains how PEI went from rush to rats.

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Dutch Thompson - Maise Adams and Roy Clow

DutchThompsonMaiseRoy.jpgDutch Thompson is honouring the memory of two old pals... Maise Adams and Roy Clow. Maisie L. Adams was born in 1913 in French River and was Canada's 1st female lighthouse keeper. Roy Clow was born in 1917 in Murray Harbour. He farmed, fished, did a little rum-running, and then became a fisheries officer.

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Historian Boyde Beck - 1830's Missing Treasury

BoydeBeck2013Mainstreet.jpgMainstreet's Historian Boyde Beck takes us back to 1830, where money and politics were handled a bit differently. In May, 1830, a committee from the legislature dropped in to see the colonial treasurer and discovered that about a fifth of the colonial treasury was missing.

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