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Meacham's 1881 Atlas of PEI - Reg Porter

RegPorter1.jpgMeacham's 1881 Atlas of Prince Edward Island is often referred to as one of the most important historical works ever published on the Island. Historian Reg Porter tells us all about it.

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Bygone Days - All Work and No Play?

DutchThompsonBygoneDaysApr25.jpgIs your life all work and no play? It was back in the Bygone Days on the Island too. Dutch Thompson tells us more about the tough working days of the early 1900s. From nursing, to bread-making, to delivering the goods... to egg-grading. That's no yoke.

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The Unwritten Diary of Israel Unger

UnwrittenDiaryIsraelUnger.jpgIt's the Anne Frank story of Poland - Israel Unger and his family hid in an attic to escape the Nazis. The book "The Unwritten Diary of Israel Unger" is being launched on the Island. Dr. Israel Unger and co-author Carolyn Gammon joined Karen Mair in the story.

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