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History: March 2013 Archives

Boyde Beck - You Think That Was Bad?

BoydeBeckMS2013.jpgHave you ever had on of those conversations that go "well if you think that was bad I remember having to crawl out of the attic window and avoid the power lines - the snow was so deep." Our historian Boyde Beck has a story that might put all our bragging to shame.

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How PEI Got Involved with the Spanish-American War

KatherineDewar3.jpgKatherine Dewar is a historian and author and she has been researching how Islanders got involved with the Spanish-American war. She's giving a talk at the Confederation Centre library and she spoke with Angela Walker.

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Dutch Thompson's Bygone Days - Ambrose Monaghan

Dutch Thompson Mar1.jpgWe're heading back to the bygone days with Dutch Thompson. Today, stories about one of his island heroes - Ambrose Monaghan, a blacksmith who bragged he never shoed a horse. He was a carriage-maker, an inventor, and he ran a funeral parlour. His ingenuity didn't stop there... Ambrose also made a Threshing mill that ran on wind-power.

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