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Protest History - Dr. Ryan O'Connor

DrRyanOConnor.jpgWe've been examing some of the highlights in PEI's protest history over the last couple of days. In case you were thinking the actions of those opposed to Plan B are out of character for Islanders. Well no - we have a rich history of risinig up. Yesterday historian Ed MacDonald laid out the early land tenant riots in the 1830's stretching to the 1860's. Today another Island historian wades into the discussion. Dr. Ryan O'Connor is a postdoctoral fellow at Trent University but actually Ed MacDonald supervised his masters. He's an environmental historian and we reached him by phone.

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Protest History - Dr. Ed MacDonald

DrEdMacDonaldKarenMair.jpgThe fight against the realignment of the TransCanada Highway at Bonshaw moved up a notch today. The Islanders at the site have been joined by some members of the Warrior Society from Cape Breton. The notion of Islanders rising up against development and staking their claims to land isn't new. Over the next couple of days we'll speak with two historians to help us review this. Dr. Ed MacDonald is the author of If You're Stronghearted: Prince Edward Island in the 20th Century. He's an associate professor of history at UPEI.

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Boyde Beck - Isabel Expedition

IsabelExpedition4.jpgYou may have heard on our news today that the research around the doomed Franklin Expedition has renewed interest in PEI's early shipuilding history. Sir John Franklin's expedition to find a northwest passage disappeared in the Arctic Ocean in 1845. A few years later a ship built in St.Peters was sent to the Arctic on an expedition to find the lost Franklin expedition ships. Boyde Beck is Mainstreet's historian and an expert on PEI's shipbuilding history. You can see more on Isabel on our website cbc.ca/pei

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