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Boyde Beck - Glenaladale


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It's a mansion in Tracadie with a history in tobacco - Historian Boyde Beck stops by to share the story of Glenaladale house and the tobacco millionaire behind the property. 

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Rustico Historian - Edward Blanchard

Yesterday at the age of 95 Edward Blanchard passed away. He contributed greatly to the small community of South Rustico, and he knew the history.  He was also an active member of St. Augustine's, the oldest church in P.E.I., and the Farmers Bank of Rustico. Judy MacDonald worked alongside Edward Blanchard over the past decades and talked with Karen Mair about his contributions.
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Boyde Beck - Annie Beaton

Thumbnail image for BoydeBeck2014.jpgIt's the kind of story that would make headlines and Facebook shares galore these days. 
But we're going back to PEI in the 1890's. A violent murder that become a legend and a ghost story.
And our historian Boyde Beck is here to tell us about it.

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