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Brain Tissue Bank



The annual Molly Appeal supports research and health centres in the maritimes -  We speak to Dr. Sultan Darvesh, the nuerologist behind the maritime brain tissue bank.

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The Science of Obesity

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Obesity isn't a laughing matter, but Canada's Leading obesity expert, Dr. Arya Sharma, thinks there can be a light-hearted approach to it.

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3 C's Support Group

There has been more and more cases of opiate addiction among young people. Islanders have been demanding more access to treatment and recovery services. But addiction doesn't only affect the addict ... those around them also face pain and shame.

Two Mothers of addicts are starting a support group for loved ones of addicts. Rose Barbour and Roni Power have started the 3 C's Support Group. Rose Barbour also operates the blog "Living Under the Shadows".
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