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Senate Decision Reaction

PDowneSHarperSenate.jpgThe Supreme Court of Canada has ruled unanimously that Stephen Harper cannot go ahead with major plans to reform the Senate without the consent of the provinces.

On the issue of either Senate elections or term limits, he would need 7 provinces representing 50 per cent of the population to agree, and on the issue of abolition of the Senate, he would need unanimous consent.

It's a pretty definitive defeat for Harper's agenda, with the Court saying that you can't ignore the basic spirit of the Constitution, which requires the federal government to work with the provinces to change things. For reaction to this decision, we invited PEI Senator Percy Downe into the Mainstreet studio.

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Richard Raiswell - Social Assistance

RichardRaiswellOct162013.jpgThere's been a lot of discussion in the legislature regards budgets - and how some departments didn't spend their full allotment for last year. Last year the province underspent on social assistance grants by $1.9 million. Richard Raiswell, our political columnist, has been looking at the data and research, and how much it costs for a family to get by on assistance.


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Richard Raiswell - PEI's Prosperity Strategy


There was fanfare around the PEI's prosperity strategy originally but now it seems to be going to the back of the line.

Our political columnist Richard Raiswell take a look. He joins us every week while the legislature is sitting. He teaches in the history faculty of UPEI.

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