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Food/Chef: November 2012 Archives

Susur Lee - Q-Line

Susur Lee3.jpgHe owns restaurants around the world and is considered one of Canada's most famous chefs. Susur Lee submits to the Mainstreet Q-line.

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Ted Grant - Showcasing PEI Seafood

TedGrant3.jpgLobster, crab and mussels from PEI have been showing off lately. Making appearances at the world's largest seafood show in China and in September touring for a week in Alberta. Part of those trips included budgeting for a Chef from the Culinary Institute to prepare and showcase the seafood.

That Chef is Ted Grant - he's the Research and Development Chef at Canada's Smartest Kitchen. He's a bit concerned that people have the wrong impression and think he's Fisheries Minister Ron MacKinley's personal chef. I paid Chef Grant a visit at Canada's Smartest Kitchen.

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