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Farming/Agriculture: June 2013 Archives

Farmers and the Law - PEIFA

FederationAgriculture.jpgThere's planting, harvesting and marketing... and now farmers can learn some basic law to their list of things to do. A few farmers have landed in court over the last couple of years for violations of environmental rules. The PEI Federation of Agriculture is working on ways to help farmers know their legal rights and responsibilities. John Jamieson is the executive director of the PEIFA.

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Devastating virus hits strawberry fields in PEI

StrawberryFeilds.jpgA devastating virus has hit at least two strawberry fields on PEI. That could mean a smaller berry crop this year...and big losses for some growers. The province is sampling fields to determine if it's spread further. Strawberry growers met last night to talk about what they can do to protect their crops. Stephanie vanKampen spoke to Arny Nabuurs, president of the PEI Strawberry Growers Association.

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