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Relay For Life - Ben Cudmore & Gail MacDonald

BenCudmore540x930.jpgFriday night usually means kick back or party if you're a university student, but the UPEI community will doing something more altruistic. The 12 hour Relay For Life kicks off at 6 o'clock. You may already know about this thanks to a remarkable picture that's been circulating on FB and in the community. It's of a shaved Ben Cudmore along with his mother - who is also bald. Ben Cudmore is here in the studio - and also joining us is Gail MacDonald the relay for life co-ordinator.

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Haunted Farm - Judy Lowther

LowthersHauntedBarn2.jpgWhen Judy Lowther wanted to give back to the community seven years ago instead of a benefit concert or a raffle she thought she would try something a little different. She created "Lowther's Haunted Farm" Mainstreet visited a few years ago. Come along with us on a tour... If you dare!

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