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Working A Second Job - Liz Mackay

Liz MacKay 2013.jpgIt's a time of year that comes with many wishes, maybe including the wish for a second income. Might come in handy right now, wouldn't it? In fact as we continue to see more part-time and fewer full-time jobs in our economy, more workers find they have to punch a clock at more than one workplace. To say nothing of the rising cost of living compared to minimum wage. Our frugal columnist Liz Mackay took an in-depth look at juggling jobs. And then she spoke with Karen Mair.

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An Islander in heart of Black Friday

A Summerside woman will be in the thick of things on Black Friday. Marie Nicola is half of a pair of Canadian digital media personalties called Nat and Marie. They've had a program on the online community Reddit. A space that gets billions of page views. I reached Marie Nicola in New York.  

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Seasonal Work and Employment Insurance

SeasonalWorkLobsterSuppers.jpgEmployers in seasonal businesses are starting to look at the winter ahead, and wonder, with the changes to EI, whether they'll get their employees back next year. CBC's Steve Bruce talks with Mike Forrest, manager of New Glasgow Lobster Suppers. Mike says top of mind in the industry right now are the changes to E.I. and whether that's going to mean fewer, skilled people available to work next year. Forrest is also acting president of the Cavendish Beach Dunes and Shores Tourism Association.

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