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Pier 21 - Digital Roadshow

Pier21DigitalRoadshow.jpgWhen refugees or immigrants land in Canada, their memories exist only in their heads - not in photo albums or videos. The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 is home to many immigrants stories and now it's creating a digital roadshow. Later this month a workshop will be held on PEI where newcomers will learn how to share their own story in a digital form. Yvette Doucette is the information officer with the PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada - and she joined me in the studio. We also reached Matthew Ritchie in Moncton.

For more information on the digital storytelling workshop go to pier21.ca.

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Holland College converting gym into theatre

HollandCollegeGymTheatre.jpgCharlottetown may soon have a new performance venue. A team of volunteers is raising money to transform the old gym at Holland College into a theatre. It'll open up opportunities for students in a new music performance program at Holland College. CBC's Patrick Faller spoke to a couple of students, Bruce Rooney and Evan McCosham, and to one of the volunteer fund-raisers, Marion Reid.

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PISA Tests - Peter Wilby

PISAMainstreet.jpgIn OECD assessments, fifteen year olds from 65 countries and jurisdictions are tested in a number of subject areas. Canada came 13th in the world, and the results for PEI put us in last place in this country in math, science and reading. The PISA tests have caused chaos in a number of school systems. Peter Wilby is a journalist specializing in education who writes for the British Guardian newspaper and The Independent, and he's devoted a lot of ink to these assessments Karen reached him in London.

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