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Shawn Hogan - Stand-up Comedian

ShawnHoganPoster.jpgLots of Islanders are headed home this weekend for the Holidays. And one of them is hoping to get a lot of laughs. Shawn Holden is from Mill River but he's based in Toronto. He's been working on a career in stand-up comedy and this weekend he's putting on a show featuring his own comedy as well as a nationally known stand-up, and his mentor, K. Trevor Wilson. Karen Mair reached Shawn Hogan by phone.

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Comedian - Lloyd Ravn

ComedianLRMainstreet.jpgHe's a dad who does stand-up and he's bringing his show "Funny, Daddy" to PEI. Meet Lloyd Ravn and hear why he's entertaining Islanders in support of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. He's playing tomorrow Friday and Saturday at locations across the Island. Karen Mair reached Lloyd Ravn at home in Sussex.

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Gerry Dee - Teaching It's Harder Than It Looks

GerryDeeBookBG3.jpgGerry Dee is a very funny guy, and if you go by his show, Mr. D, he was a pretty lousy teacher before he gave that career up to go into comedy full-time. Well I don't know if the show is EXACTLY true-to-life. Gerry's new book "Teaching: it's harder than it looks" delves into all sorts of challenges in the teaching profession. Sex-ed class. Teaching kids you KNOW are smarter than you are. Gerry Dee has a show tomorrow night at the Confederation Centre in Charlottetown. He spoke with Karen Mair.

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