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Social Assistance Payments

Mainstreet2013a.jpgThe government's decision to reduce its social assistance budget by 1.8 million dollars this year is drawing a lot of criticism. The province says it had more than two million dollars left over from last year's budget. Community services minister, Valerie Docherty, told CBC, she saw that as a positive sign, that Islanders are finding work and don't need social assistance. She said anyone who qualified, did get benefits. But some wonder why the government isn't using that extra money to increase payments.

The CBC's John Jeffery spoke NDP Leader Mike Redmond, Food Bank Manager Mike MacDonald and UPEI nutritionist Jennifer Taylor.

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Liz MacKay - Wedding Budgeting

Liz MacKay 2013.jpgPlanning a wedding can be a costly undertaking. Some weddings can cost the Bride and Groom thousands of dollars... even upwards to 30 thousand. With wedding season just around the corner, Karen Mair spoke with Our Frugal Friend Liz MacKay, to find common and clever ways to cut-costs, save money while planning the wedding of your dreams.

Liz MacKay joins us once a month to talk about frugality. You can follow her on her blog Fighting To Be Frugal.

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