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Boyde Beck

Boyde Beck - Annie Beaton

Thumbnail image for BoydeBeck2014.jpgIt's the kind of story that would make headlines and Facebook shares galore these days. 
But we're going back to PEI in the 1890's. A violent murder that become a legend and a ghost story.
And our historian Boyde Beck is here to tell us about it.

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Boyde Beck - Who Let the Lupins Loose?

BoydeBeckLupins.jpgBoyde Beck, Mainstreet's historian, investigates and explains the scandalous story about where and when the island lupins originated.

Was it Laura Lupinseed... tossing seeds along the roadway? Or was it seedy gardeners letting the lupins loose? Were they spotted first in North Rustico or Alliston? 

Boyde Beck investigates the loved and loathed queen of the ditches... Lupins.
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Boyde Beck - Peter's Tax

BoydeBeck2013Mainstreet.jpgDo you celebrate tax time? You know Islanders should - it's part of our history. Our historian Boyde Beck stops by to explain why people on PEI have an extra special relationship with the tax man. Boyde joined Karen in the studio to see if he could... draw any interest.

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