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PEI - 2014 Art in Review

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Paper costumes heading to the circus, porcelain napkins - they're part of the PEI 
Council of the Art's 2014 commissioned works - we'll pay a visit at The Guild. 
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Artist Lisa-Beth Glassman


She uses beeswax, a blow torch, old windows and doors and bits of 
memorabilia. It all adds up to amazing artwork that celebrate friends - new, old and passed on. Artist Lisa-Beth Glassman takes us through her new show at The Guild.

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Matt Bowness' Winged - The Guild

MattBownessWingedMainstreet.jpgThey're beautifully iridescent - and when they stop flapping - they make beautiful art. Karen Mair visited 'Winged' at The Guild and talked to artist Matt Bowness about turning beetle wings into dresses and prints.

Matt also runs Overman Jewellery & Art in Charlottetown by repurposing old pieces and watches. His show is on at The Guild until May 17th.

(Photos courtesy of Matt Bowness and Stefanie Glasgow)

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