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Help My dog just tore down my blinds!

DrBarbaraSherman.jpgLike humans, pets also have unique personalities and possibly some behavior issues. Some behaviors can strain our relationships with our pets. Dr. Barbara Sherman, professor of veterinary behavior at North Carolina State University is giving a talk entitled "Help My dog just tore down my blinds". It's in the Don and Marion MacDougall Hall at UPEI and it's free.

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Potential Case of Deadly Bat Fungus Found on PEI

Dr Scott McBurney Bats.jpgA fungus that has killed entire colonies of bats on the mainland may have been found here on PEI. Preliminary findings indicate a bat found here was likely suffering from white nose syndrome, a fatal fungal infection. Over the last several years, an estimated six million bats in eastern North America have been killed by the disease. The CBC's Patrick Faller spoke with Dr. Scott McBurney, Wildlife Pathologist with the Canadian Cooperative Wildlife health centre at the Atlantic Vetrinary College about his findings.

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