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April 4, 2013.

Posted by Kathy Large

Stephanie discusses the finer points of the NS budget with APEC senior policy analyst Fred Bergman.

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School of Rock highlights, and other 2011 podcasts

Posted by Alex Mason

We've just created another podcast full of highlights from our first School Of Rock contest. Listen in as the three finalists play live for our judges.
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LAST WEEK, we compiled the most dramatic moments from our conversations with the judges -- as they picked five semi-finalists, and then three more when several bands pulled out and were disqualified. You'll also hear excerpts of songs from ten of the bands that competed.
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There's talk in the news about the amount of property tax businesses pay downtown, compared to the amount paid in the suburban business parks. Bernie Smith - formerly with a merchant's group on Spring Garden Road, and now promoting businesses in the Agricola Street neighbourhood - is calling for a freeze on taxes downtown. And some of the basis for this is an analysis done by accountant Andrew Murphy a year ago. Andrew Murphy tells us one of the reasons his analysis continues to have an impact is because a lot of people heard two detailed interviews we did with him last February. So we've packaged those into a podcast.
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MORE PODCASTS, from last month...

The CBC's Nina Corfu finds out why a waiter in Halifax doesn't like paramedics, and tells guest host Bill Roach about other things she learned reading a very entertaining local blog. And we ask Bill Black and Lars Osberg if our provincial government can afford to do anything other than cut, cut, cut, as it tries to reposition Nova Scotia's economy in 2011.
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IN ANOTHER PODCAST from January, hear our phone-in on whether schools should stay open on storm days. Also, Mainstreet's Alex Mason wonders why some people insist on acknowledging the "and" in the acronym for Utility And Review Board. And Bill Roach gets a skating lesson with the Mayor of Halifax (let's hope it doesn't turn into a "crash course") at the speed skating oval on the Common.
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