Winter workout

Winter workout

sarah-robichaud-70x78.jpg Sarah Robichaud

Sarah Robichaud is a fitness expert with appearances on CBC's Steven and Chris and CBS Early Morning Saturday.

Sarah's winter tips

What's the most important thing to think about when you're working out outside? Dress in layers.

As you get sweaty, take off layers so you don't get overheated, says Robichaud. When you're done, put layers back on as needed and head inside. If sweat starts to dry, you can get chilled.

Make sure you're not working out in an icy area. Enjoy the elements, but make sure you're wearing good footwear with proper treads.

The main thing with living in Canada in the winter: take advantage of snow and ice, says Robichaud. Put on some skates, try some cross-country skiing, downhill or snowshoeing, suggests Robichaud. "So many things we can do in the winter that costs very little money that puts you outside -- so take advantage."

"Winter - if you're dressed properly - is a great time to get a great workout just by walking through the snow," says fitness expert Sarah Robichaud. "And it's free!"

We spend so much time indoors, says Robichaud. Fresh air and natural light is "amazing for your state of mind." Here are Robichaud's simple workout tips to enjoy winter.

1. Exercise your core and your legs. Climb up and down the toboggan hill, suggests Robichaud. Do that 10 times. Or, if you have a toboggan with a child on top, pull them around and walk on flat land.

2. Work your upper body and core. Place your hands on the seat of a park bench and do a set of pushups, facing down into the seat. Do two sets of 12.

3. Try a static squat. Put your back against a tree and take a seated position. Press your belly button tight towards the tree, holding legs in a seated squat. This works your glutes, stomach muscles and quads, says Robichaud.. Hold for five to 10 seconds. Repeat six times.

4. Work out with your shovel. Your heart rate goes way up when you're shovelling, says Robichaud. Hold your stomach muscles and core tight, suggests Robichaud. Keep knees slightly bent and engage your abs. Go up and down with your whole body to avoid putting out your back, says Robichaud. "Twenty minutes shovelling would be a great workout."

5. Walk through deep snow. It's a great exercise, Robichaud says, to walk through the park in deep snow. Lift your legs out of the snow and take deep marching steps. Get your arms going as well, pumping them beside you as you go. Walk for 25 mins.

6. Do the park bench squat. Stand up and sit down 12 times on a park bench. Bring your hands all the way up and all the way down. Your heart rate, your glutes and legs will be totally engaged, says Robichaud.



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