Imagine This...

This is an example of a Bienenstock Natural Playground that CBC will reward the Live Right Now Capital of Canada, thanks to the support of Bienenstock, Canadian Wildlife Federation and Parks Canada!

It's been incredibly inspiring to observe the activities your communities have been planning in an effort to promote healthier living - not to mention striving to become the Live Right Now Capital of Canada! 

The competition is about to get even more exciting because not only will the top community be crowned with a prestigious title, there's a massive reward to go along with it. Ready?

Because the health of Canadians is directly linked to the time we spend outside and connected to nature, thee organizations have come together to offer the winning community a reward that will last for generations. The Canadian Wildlife Federation has teamed up with Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds and Parks Canada to reward the Live Right Now Capital of Canada with a natural playground. 

Valued at more than $100,000, the custom designed and community built natural playground will reflect the natural heritage of the nearest national park and Parks Canada will help the winning community experience the national park nearest to them. 

Win a Natural Playground in your community!

This free natural playground will be designed with the winning community to meet their needs. Hewn from the trees, earth, and bedrock found across Canada, the natural playground will be a refuge for Canadian wildlife and a haven for children and neighbours to gather and play.
Getting involved is easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Visit and click on the big blue "Connect With Facebook" button.
2. Choose the community you want to earn points for.
3. Take Live Right Now challenges or create Facebook Events and Groups to start earning points today!

There's so much to celebrate - your dedication to a healthier community and a beautiful new park! We can't wait to see how it looks in your town.

You could win a natural playground in your community!

Kids play in a natural playground by Bienenstock

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