About Live Right Now

Live Right Now is a CBC initiative to encourage Canadians to live healthier lives. It was born from the idea that if we all make a few small, manageable changes we can - together - help change the health of our country.

Since 2011 we have collectively:

1. Pledged to lose more than 1.6 million pounds.

2. Taken 92,000 challenges.

3. Crowned Edmundston, N.B., the Live Right Now Capital of Canada and rewarded them with a $100,000 playground.

4. Shared 100,000 meals and fed 100,000 Canadian families in need.

5. Spent 440,000 minutes in nature.

6. Celebrated Healthy Me Week with photo submissions from across Canada.

7. Played for 55,260 minutes on "Longest Day of Play."

8. Celebrated how we "Get Outside" with more than 1,500 photos from Canadians across the country.

9. Checked off the "National To-Do List" to help us all get "Back to Routine."

10. Gathered thousands of tips from Canadians on how to de-stress for the holidays.

This winter, we are going to Explore Winter! Upload all the ways you love to have fun outdoors ... in the cold!

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