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PYC Podcast with Kelly VanderBeek

PYC is how insiders say Pyeong Chang, home of the 2018 Olympics. PYC Podcast gets ultimate insiders to swap their stories, strategies and knowledge about the games. Olympian downhiller turned broadcaster Kelly Vanderbeek hosts the almost daily discussion.


PYC Podcast Kurt Browning

Jan 23, 2018

Introducing himself with a wink as the 'skate god junior', Kurt Browning tells Kelly about his bratty beginnings, his lazy practise habits, and his mother's hassling him for having the nerve to be balding. Continuing in that vein of admirable honesty- he praises Canadians' forgiving him for being the best Figure Skater never to win an Olympic medal. He's funny, he's frank. and he's got an accurate read on who's going to do what in Figure skating at PyeongChang.

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