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Now or Never with Ify Chiwetelu and Trevor Dineen

Hosts Ify Chiwetelu and Trevor Dineen leap into the action with Canadians who are making things happen. Sometimes things go right. Sometimes they go off the rails. Either way, Now or Never nudges you to make a change, big or small.


Make the most of your summer!

Jun 23, 2018

Summer is here, and it's up to you to make the most of it. On this Now or Never, get inspired by people who are motivated to cross big items off their summer bucket list. A woman with terminal cancer spends what could be her last summer doing what she loves - performing on stage. A two-spirit traditional dancer attends his first LGBTTQ powwow. A young runner with autism prepares for the Special Olympics. And Trevor and Ify take the ultimate Now or Never road trip!

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