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Information Morning - NS

CBC Radio's Information Morning kick starts the day on mainland Nova Scotia with news, survival information, compelling stories and opinions from all perspectives in the province.

  • 08:16
    S is for snow shoes and H is for hike. Our A for Adventure team talk about their top snow shoe hikes in the province.
    Jan 23, 2019
  • 07:08
    A cautionary tale in this Healthcare Hack. Mary Jane Hampton tells us why you can trust your gut when it comes to your family and the health care system.
    Jan 23, 2019
  • 08:09
    The case of former child refugee Abdoul Abdi has led to changes in how Nova Scotia treats children in care. The CBC's Shaina Luck has more.
    Jan 22, 2019
  • 10:39
    One story about the devastating effect of gun violence and how a local judge used a sentencing hearing to issue a call to action. The CBC's Elizabeth Chiu has more.
    Jan 21, 2019
  • 07:27
    [EXPLICIT CONTENT] We hear a disturbing account of what happened to a young girl who was attacked earlier this month in the Yarmouth area and why the assault has sparked calls for changes to the Criminal Code.
    Jan 18, 2019
  • 16:34
    Many parents of kids with disabilities and diverse learning needs had high hopes for the government's new inclusion strategy. Allison Garber says there have been minimal changes since the report came out. Zach Churchill is Minister of Education.
    Jan 17, 2019
  • 09:59
    Benzodiazepines and teens. A doctor at IWK Health Centre is raising the alarm about a spike in young people using drugs like Ativan and the risk of deadly overdose is high.
    Jan 17, 2019
  • 11:18
    A new report on the state of Nova Scotia's long term care homes calls for more staff, more training and a better attitude toward those who live and work in these facilities. Janice Keefe chaired the expert panel that wrote the report.
    Jan 16, 2019
  • 08:08
    Be your own patient navigator. In our latest Healthcare Hacks column, Mary Jane Hampton talks about how you can be pro-active about your health, even without a family doctor.
    Jan 15, 2019
  • 14:45
    Thirty years ago, a simple snowball fight exposed racial tensions at what was then the province's biggest high school. We hear from three of the people who were at Cole Harbour High that day in 1989.
    Jan 14, 2019
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