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Daybreak Alberta with Russell Bowers

CBC Radio's Daybreak Alberta connects the province through music, chat and weekend culture. From the arts to the news, retail therapy to health tips, music to chat, leave the workweek behind with your host, Russell Bowers.


Improvised Broken Hearts

Aug 4, 2018

"How can you mend a broken heart," the Bee Gees once asked. Well for two actors, part of the mending can be found in songs that remind us of lost loves, and those tunes just let us have a good sob about it. Sara Simpson and Nicole Zylstra created "All Request Heartache" for the 2018 Calgary Fringe Festival. The show takes song requests from the audience and turns them into improvised mini-biographies of love and loss. Nicole Zylstra came by the Daybreak studio to share a few a weepy songs with Russell

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