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Daybreak Alberta with Russell Bowers

CBC Radio's Daybreak Alberta connects the province through music, chat and weekend culture. From the arts to the news, retail therapy to health tips, music to chat, leave the workweek behind with your host, Russell Bowers.


Angie Abdou reviews the poetry and politics of Tar Swan

Jul 21, 2018

Each month on Daybreak, Angie Abdou stops in to review a new Alberta book, however, she also well-known as an accomplished novelist, including her latest, "In Case I Go," in the shops now. In Spetember 2018, she has a memoir forthcoming entitled "Home Ice: Reflections of a Reluctant Hockey Mom" For the month of July, Angie Abdou is back in the Daybreak studio with Russell to review a new book from an Alberta author, and this month it's a poetry collection from a past winner of the CBC Poetry Prize, "Tar Swan" by David Martin.

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