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Daybreak Alberta with Russell Bowers

CBC Radio's Daybreak Alberta connects the province through music, chat and weekend culture. From the arts to the news, retail therapy to health tips, music to chat, leave the workweek behind with your host, Russell Bowers.

  • 13:49
    As the calendar creeps towards Christmas, two Calgary comedians will be "Making Spirits Bright." Ophira Eisenberg and Cory Mack will be live at Festival Hall on Friday, December 21. Ophira Eisenberg is a comedian, author and host of NPR's comedy quiz podcast and radio show Ask Me Another. She has also been featured numerous times on the award winning radio show and #1 podcast, The Moth Radio Hour. Her recent comedy special "Inside Joke" is available on iTunes and Amazon. Cory Mack is a comedian, writer and farmer's daughter and has starred in her own Comedy Now special, as well as a regular on CBC Radio's The Debaters. Cory is the founder and producer of the YYComedy Festival in Calgary. They both caught up with Russell Bowers to reminisce about Holidays Past.
    Dec 14, 2018
  • 22:01
    From a life-changing accident at age to 15, to three decades of changing lives, it has been a full life for Rick Hansen. His Man-In-Motion tour of the world in the late 1980's drew attention to the needs of those with physical disabilities. Since the tour ended, Hansen has stayed at the forefront of the discussion and he says his work has affected society in ways he never thought possible. As he launches a new book to mark the anniversary of his tour, Rick Hansen sat down with Russell Bowers to reflect on his career, his life, and his passion for fishing.
    Dec 8, 2018
  • 16:36
    In 1964, San Francisco musician, Jerry Granelli, had just scored a regular gig with the Vince Guaraldi Trio. After playing with a number of ensembles, he welcomed the opportunity to have a steady group. As part of his 2 years with Vince, he played on the recording sessions for a soundtrack to a Christmas TV special featuring characters from the comic strip, "Peanuts." Jerry moved on to other projects before "A Charlie Brown Christmas" wven went to air in December of 1965, however, he never knew what impact that show and soundtrack album would have. Now, some 50-odd years later, he tours with his own show called "Tales of a Charlie Brown Christmas." Part oral history, part concert and part screening, Granelli, as the only surviving member of the original trio, offers a unique insider perspective to families, Peanuts and jazz music enthusiasts alike. Among other things, learn how this iconic production was almost never made and what critics thought about the 1965 soundtrack. He's bringing the show to the Arden Theatre in St. Albert on December 15, and ahead of that, he spoke with Russell from his home in Halifax.
    Dec 7, 2018
  • 06:32
    You know Dasher, Dancer and all of the other reindeer. During December, at parades, in books, and in Christmas displays, the jolly old elf can often be seen in his sleigh being pulled by a team of 8 tiny reindeer. In many cases, the reindeer have antlers and that got Russell Bowers wondering about these hard working creatures.
    Dec 7, 2018
  • 12:25
    Musician and author Dave Bidini (On A Cold Road, Tropic of Hockey) is sharing stories from a sojourn to the Northwest Territories. "Midnight Light" tells the story of the local newspaper, The Yellowknifer, and what Bidini learned from his introduction to life in the northern Canadian city, Bidini met with Dene elders, entrepreneurs, artists, politicians and police officers who share their unique perspectives on home and the ways they seek to transform it.
    Dec 1, 2018
  • 12:29
    Each month on Daybreak, award-winning author Angie Abdou (The Bone Cage, Home Ice) drops by to review a new Alberta book. This month, Angie is live on stage with Russell at the historic Empress Theatre in Fort Macleod to chat about the new book by Calgary writer, Ali Bryan and her novel "The Figgs."
    Nov 28, 2018
  • 18:48
    The federal government has annouced nearly $600 million to help bailout Canada's beleaguered print media. While publishers welcome the help, others fear it could have an effect on newspapers cover the Trudeau government. On the where level where smalltown papers operate - like the Nanton News, Vermillion Standard, Tofield Mercury, or Stony Plain Reporter - it's a different set of priorities. Melanee Thomas is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Calgary and she joined Russell to listen to his chat with Macleod Gazette publisher, Frank McTighe, and discuss the role and future of local press. [This is an extended version of the on-air interview]
    Nov 24, 2018
  • 11:03
    The Empress Theatre Society invited CBC to come to Fort Macleod to record another Daybreak@Night. Part of the stories we collected at the show was that of the annual Fort Macleod Santa Claus parade. Russell sat down on stage with Louise Heric, the woman who helped get the original parade up and down the Main Street all those years ago.
    Nov 21, 2018
  • 09:15
    Imagine a world where the government wants to silence dissent and newspapers are seen as the biggest culprits. The head of the government wants to pass a law that will ensure newspapers publish only the news and information the leader wants public. That might sound like a premise we see in the American media these days, however, that scenario is closer to home. In 1937, the Alberta government headed up by Premier William Aberhart was upset with stories in Alberta newspapers about his administration. A Press Act was introduced that would shut down any newspaper the government felt didn't tow their propaganda line. The fight against the act ended up with a Pulitzer Prize for the Edmonton Journal as well as a group of smaller papers that stepped up to fight for press freedom. One of the papers cited for their efforts in the Pulitzer is the Macleod Gazette. The paper has serviced the Fort Macleod for 136 years and during the latest Daybreak@Night, Russell Bowers chatted with Gazette owner and publisher, Frank McTighe.
    Nov 21, 2018
  • 12:58
    Fran Kimmel returns to Daybreak with a new novel. The Lacombe author visited with Russell Bowers in her hometown during a Daybreak@Night in 2017 and she's returned with a tome entitled "No Good Asking." The book takes a stark look inside a family when they decide to take in a troubled child, Hannah. Even though her time with the family seems short, the book asks how long family can impact our lives. Russell caught up with Fran Kimmel in the Daybreak studio.
    Nov 17, 2018
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