Your special Lunar New Year horoscope is here

The Lunar New Year is upon us, beginning on Saturday January 28. See what's in store for you as we enter the Year of the Rooster.
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Here's a quiz. Who calls out in the predawn and wakes up the world? He's got a big red comb on his head, and he's full of fire. Yes, you've got it, the rooster.

In western astrology each zodiac sign lasts roughly a month; in Chinese astrology, a year. Chinese astrology is based on 12 animal signs – one for each year – starting with the Rat and ending with Boar. People will exemplify the characteristics of the animal year they were born in. We are now leaving the Year of the Monkey and entering the Year of the Rooster, the tenth animal. The Lunar New Year is upon us, beginning on Saturday January 28, and a major shift in the global mood can already be felt.

Of the five elements in Eastern philosophy: metal, water, wood, fire and earth, the Year of the Rooster is associated with the element fire. That means action. Fire is willpower, force, enthusiasm and leadership. You've got to hit the ground running. The Fire Rooster inspires pride, confidence, diligence, purpose and punctuality. He gets things done. If you don't plan your schedule and jump into life with passion, you'll get "fired." No worries.You can do it.

So, as the motto says, "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man/woman healthy, wealthy and wise." Embrace it. March to the new rhythm and this year will be fruitful and enterprising. It'll bring shining results and glorious achievements to be proud of. This will be a year like no other. The world is waiting for you.


With just one small error of judgment a person can unleash mayhem on themselves and everyone around them. Your vision is keen and your mental acuity is sharp, so do be careful to not allow your high standard of excellence to lapse. Diplomacy and patience must be maintained with a compassionate heart. By speaking and acting with discretion you will escape a source of tension and bring harmony into your world and everyone around you. A natural leader like yourself stands out in the crowd.


It's hard to put things right when your mood keeps oscillating between optimism and gloom. The Fire Rooster year will stabilize your moods as you witness options and decisions lining up in your favour. Stability is due to return in a crucial process, if you make a point of feeling good. That's the key. Feel good. Focus and direct your thoughts on subjects that enliven your spirits and Providence will conspire to make everything fall into place at just the right time.


There is no need to turn your world upside down in your attempt to attain something that's so crucially important. Obstacles will melt away as soon as you recognize the flaw in your attitude that keeps attracting the same problem over and over again. Once you comprehend the full scope of your potential, you'll come upon a series of opportunities just waiting to be explored. A bold heart will empower you and bring magic into your life.


Common sense and imagination are often at odds with each other, but when used carefully and in balanced measure they are what you need to manifest bold fresh dreams. A little too much of one or the other and the vehicle taking you forward will run out of steam. Certain ideas you are entertaining may seem laughable and even ludicrous to some people – even yourself, but your hard working and practical nature knows how to turn them into reality. And that's exactly what you're going to do!


You've tried as hard as you can to make progress in an area of your life that refuses to get moving. Luckily for you, the Year of the Rooster will bring an abundance of valuable information that will increase your ability to make judicious decisions. Opportunities come through your friends and social contacts. You'll grow to appreciate the good people you have around you. Seemingly insignificant conversations will provide crucial insights. This year will be punctuated by fortuitous conversations, revelations and positive turning points.


Your initial response to an unforeseen development has been a mixture of chagrin and irritation. But as the Fire Rooster gets to work, you will be surprised to discover that it was the best thing that could have ever happened. Trust certain upbeat ideas and feelings that are starting to inspire you. Nurture them and you will find it a lot easier to reach a certain heartfelt goal. Keep your dream alive!


The Fire Rooster is whetting your appetite for challenge and adventure. People are looking to you for leadership and guidance. You and you alone have the emotional and psychological muscle to do what must be done. You will lead the way. This year will fortify your confidence and self-respect. The voice of cynics is of no consequence when you trust and respect yourself. Positive astrological indicators are converging at just the right time. You will pioneer new trails and move fearlessly into a future of your dreams.


This is not the time to give up on a quest into which you have devoted so much energy. A certain unwanted situation in your life is the best possible thing that could have happened to you. This may be hard to comprehend as things stand, but before long you'll see the method in the madness of this mysterious Universe. Its purpose is to shift you out of a rut before you become a nut – that is, if it's not too late. The process has been arduous, but the rewards will be great. The Fire Rooster will lead you into a life of freedom and independence.


Caustic planetary configurations are creating a contentious and combative atmosphere on the world stage. But for you, the prognosis is excellent. Don't let what's going on around you bring you down. The sky has selected you as the object of celestial admiration. You've been scooped up in the big and powerful arms of the Fire Rooster. Liberation will come thanks to your limitless passion and drive.


No need to be impulsive. Jumping out of the frying pan into the fire is not a recommended course of action, especially for you who normally likes to plan things out and have it all in writing. Work towards your goal in steady constructive increments and trust your powerful charismatic personality. Don't laugh! You are thoroughly charming. Never underestimate your potential. You are making more progress towards an important goal than you realize.


Yes, it's a year of planning, but there is no pressing responsibility on your part to comply with any plan that clashes with your own concept of what is right. You are a free and independent spirit! The smartest option of all is to let your feelings be known and not allow yourself to feel coerced into accepting any arrangement that does not sit well with you. Be vigilant where your thoughts are concerned. Your future begins in your mind. So, keep it rested and refreshed, and your intuition will speak to you loud and clear.


You've been facing deeply buried and powerful inner impulses. It's an emotional process that's been overwhelming at times. True, but the good thing about this is that it's awakened your thirst for adventure. A new and enterprising spirit is knocking on your door. The Fire Rooster is planting a seed in your heart that will inspire you to respect your identity and your image. It will make you a winner of the highest calibre.