Your special horoscope for the August 21 Total Solar Eclipse is here

The cosmic finger points to a tectonic shift in human consciousness

The cosmic finger points to a tectonic shift in human consciousness

(Illustration by Warren Keefe)

On August 21, 2017 the Moon's orbit will take it squarely in front of the warm rays of the Sun and entirely blot it out, thus creating a dark line on Earth that will run from the Oregon coast to South Carolina. This is known as the "path of totality". Its narrow path will cross through the heart of North America. The rest of the continent will see a partial eclipse.

My research into past solar eclipses has revealed that they act as a cosmic finger that draws our attention to certain areas of the world that will highlighted in the news.

Here's a couple of examples. The total solar eclipse of August 1, 2008 started in the Canadian Arctic and ran through Greenland, Europe, Siberia and China. In June of 2008, after exploring for oil, Russia planted their flag in the northern Arctic and laid claim to it. The solar eclipse drew our attention to this major symbolic event. And on August 29, Sarah Palin of Alaska, was declared the Vice-Presidential candidate for John McCain. She famously stated that she could "actually see Russia from Alaska." Again, our attention is being drawn to the north. This continues to resonate today with the investigation into Russian interference of the 2016 American election. There are many more examples such as these.

A Solar Eclipse cutting through the US is an exceptionally rare occurrence. The last one took place on June 8, 1918. That was in the last year of WWI. The US propaganda theme was "Making the World Safe for Democracy". It was organized by the father of public relations, Edward Bernays. He was the American nephew of Sigmund Freud. The 1918 Solar Eclipse marked the rise of the United States as a world power and the rise of democracy as a model of governing throughout Europe and the world. Europe and the US formed a strong bond of alliance that has endured for a 100 years.

The August 21 Solar Eclipse is again drawing our attention to the principles of democracy and the institutions that uphold it. The American political crisis that is shaking the world order is posing a threat to democracy as well as the alliance between the US and Europe. It is a dangerous situation that has pitted the US Judicial Branch, represented astrologically by Jupiter, against efforts of the Executive Branch to undermine it, represented by Pluto. And where 1918 marked the rise of the US as world power, there are fears today that it might falling from power.

But, despite all the fears, it does also hold the hope that we are entering a momentous epochal shift from a materialist world to one that will be ruled by compassion and the unity of all humanity, nature and the animal kingdom. This could be the final chapter of thousands of years of hatred and division. It may be that we are truly entering the very early stages of the mythical Age of Aquarius.

Here is your horoscope for the Total Solar Eclipse.


It's imperative to speed up progress with a crucial plan. You've been waiting long enough. This is where your creative ingenuity will come to the rescue. Dust and cobwebs have been blocking progress, but they'll be blown away by a fresh breeze of creative and innovative thinking. Your ability to adapt will kick into action as this Solar Eclipse fires up your spark plugs. You have important friends in high celestial places that are guiding you to the success you deserve. Say goodbye to an old outmoded lifestyle. Say hello to an exciting new world full of adventure.


Being passionate about your hopes and dreams is essential in your quest for fulfilment. What you are striving for is achievable. And it will bring great happiness, so there's no need for frustration. Zeus, the Opener of the Way, keeps an eye on us mere mortals from up high on Mount Olympus. Your plight has been brought to his attention by the goddess of intelligence and power, Athena. Get ready to feel a surge of proactive energy surging through your heart. A big boost to your confidence will enhance your good luck and increase your personal power. This is a most auspicious time for getting out there and getting what you want!   


Success grows out of failure - that is, of course, if you don't give up. The key is to keep going. Keep trying. Never quit. Failure produces a powerful debilitating force that deflates the spirit. But with mental discipline, it is possible to flip the negative switch to positive and turn failure into a force that boosts your spirits and increases your personal power. The key is to transmute the pain of failure into determination to win. Without night, we would not appreciate daylight. And without failure, success would be bland and joyless. You have just crossed the threshold into a wonderful new chapter of your life that will be deservedly filled with joy and great jubilation. You've earned it!  


The transitory nature of life is difficult to endure when unwelcome changes shock us into accepting what we hadn't envisioned. Here today, gone tomorrow. Jobs end, relationships move on. So often, it's too much to handle. Yet, there is a positive side to all this madness. The ephemeral nature of it is liberating. Today's problems will one day become distant memories. The sand dunes of time bury the past in layers of history. Your determined perseverance will pay off – and sooner than you think. The forces of the cosmos assist those of bold hearts and brave souls. You've been proving your mettle. There's no limit to what you can accomplish. A lucky star is leading you out of the loop of suffering. The Universe will redeem your efforts and guide you to a land of infinite happiness.



Failure is not failure if viewed from a positive vantage point. The key is to shake off the deep sting of disappointment and kindle the spirit of never-say-die. The thirst for success turns failure into a fresh start, a correction and a new beginning. Disasters turn into triumphs with a simple flick of a switch in our perception. Control your thoughts and you control your future. Golden opportunities are lining up to greet you. As a Leo, you have the precious innate ability to create miracles. This Solar Eclipse marks a turning point. An uplifting feeling of success is in the air. You are commander and chief of your future.


Life wouldn't be life if we didn't experience a trip down one of those infamous long dark tunnels. You're an expert on these journeys. You've been there and you've successfully made through into the light.  It wasn't nice, but freedom when it came made it worth the wait. An intrepid spirit guarantees victory. Choose your moods. Don't let circumstances choose them for you. Fear makes you invisible. Boldness makes you stand out. The stars answer the call of brave hearts. Hermes, Master of Tactic, is guiding you with a strategy that will lift you out of a quandary and make you the master of your destiny. Today marks the dawning of a new era of good fortune. It's a chance to live the life you've always wanted to live.  


Life is a game of wits. You're smart. You've got what it takes to crack even the toughest of conundrums. The key is to engage challenges with confidence, courage and a competitive spirit. Stress in your life is the spark plug that gets the pistons of your willpower pumping. It's good for you, so enjoy your challenges as sources of inspiration. The benevolent core of this Universe is watching over you. Significant and wonderful surprises are in store as you wake up to your own true power and your ability to plan, plot and manifest your dreams.   


Successful people enjoy their challenges. This is because challenges give them something to fight for and to be passionate about. Challenges – and even failures – have a peculiar habit of preceding big successes. For this to work, failure must arouse not fear, but rather your fighting spirit. Challenges are a wakeup call for the warrior spirit in us. The joy of the victory that awaits you will be commensurate to the pain of your greatest trauma. The key is to remain strong, determined and indefatigable. That will guarantee your swift passage towards a well-deserved jubilant triumph. You are an impeccable warrior. Be proud. Be bold!  


With all the troubles of the world, it makes you wonder if all the guardian angels of the heavens have given up and abandoned us poor mortals. Have no fear. Angels are as numerous as the stars and willing to come to our aid. A compassionate universe will always hear your call. All you need to do is to believe in the compassionate source that guides you. Kick fear out of your life. Only bold hearts get heard. Brave spirits win the battles. And, equally importantly, be thankful for all that is good in your life. An appreciative heart attracts powerful spiritual forces. Say, "thank you" and watch your personal power grow. You will create the future of your dreams.  


Trials and tribulations build character by making us stronger and more resilient. They drive us to do better. Problems test our will to survive and win. Too much of a good thing only makes us soft and complacent, so consider yourself lucky to have problems. Your search for a solution to a certain dilemma is attracting the attention of benevolent celestial forces. Zeus has dispatched the problem solver, Mercury/Hermes, to guide you and offer personal assistance. Facing your problems with bold courage will draw him even closer. You'll get some inspired thoughts on what must be done to achieve success. Your life is vaulting into a higher level of fulfilment and happiness.  


There is a sense that you will achieve something that's been a long time coming. Your determination to overcome setbacks and disappointments has attracted the attention of the celestial residents of Mt Olympus. Your determination as an impeccable warrior has not gone unnoticed. You never give up and never say die. That is the key for success. A cosmic convergence of powerful alignments indicates that a door that has hitherto been firmly closed shut has begun to creak open. Jupiter, the Opener of the Way, has heard your call and is sending help. The tide is turning to your distinct advantage. All your arduous efforts will be rewarded.


Strong creative forces from within are guiding you towards a destiny of bliss and happiness. That seems rather far-fetched when you consider certain perennial troubles with which you are engaged, but there's a lot going on behind the veil that separates this illusory world of matter from the real world of the spiritual. Miracles happen. Imponderables become certainties. Mysteries are understood. And where your heart has been ailing, you will find solace. Your life is gaining unstoppable momentum. A whole host of opportunities impatiently await your arrival.