Your horoscope for the week ahead: Venus in Capricorn means the time is good for making deals

A lovely time of hope and optimism is upon us.

A lovely time of hope and optimism is upon us.

(Illustration by Warren Keefe)

The mood has been changing since Mercury aka Hermes ended three weeks of moving retrograde last Saturday. The Master of Tactic, your official strategist, has loaded all your hopes, dreams and aspirations on his ship. He's embarked on another journey towards the far side of the Sun. He will be visiting exotic ports on the way in search of good deals for you.

Each Mercury retrograde cycle has its own character and personality. It will take another week or so before the cycle gradually wears off. It's like watching a ship sail off into the distance.

It's true that glitches and disruptions occur during Mercury retrograde cycles; nonetheless, they should be regarded as positive periods that provide opportunity to fix problems and build strategies. You may have faced issues regarding computers, the internet, travel and schedules. It may have even driven you to roll up into a fetal position sucking your thumb under your desk. I've been there. The key is to not panic. Stop everything and breathe deeply. Open up your lungs. Keep your posture erect. And trust that all will be sorted out.

The waxing Moon reaches the First Quarter phase on Tuesday when she becomes a right-sided half Moon. This is a lovely time of hope and optimism when the Queen of Manifestation collects your dreams on a quest to give them shape and form. She will be rising all week a little later with each day during the daylight hours.

With Venus entering Capricorn this week, the timing is good for making deals and contractual agreements. The stars are setting you up for an awesome 2018.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, December 25, 2017.


There are always plenty of reasons to be fearful, but that's only because our rational chattering mind likes to emphasize problems. A certain source of concern needs to be taken seriously, of course. It is potentially a big issue but, rest-assured, you will vanquish it. Auspicious alignments are leading the way to a happy turn of events. And they are gaining power with each passing day.


A testy exchange with someone has been emotionally draining, but it has redressed a situation that was sorely in need of rectification. It's making you feel uncomfortable because there is something you do not fully understand. Regardless of what you might think to the contrary, know that you are on the right track. When you are being protected by a lucky star as you are, everything that happens to you is some way moving you on toward success. In fact, success is actively seeking you out.


A crucial breakthrough is in the offing that will dislodge you from a situation that's had you pinned down. An intuitive insight will put the final touches on a strategy that is sure to bring positive results. Others are counting on your good sense of judgement. The stars insist that you will come through in shining colours. Be patient, but not too patient. A little anxiety, just a tad of it, will work wonders in clearing through a block. A powerful source is guiding you.


When you have strong feelings and passions as you do, matters often get fired up and sometimes they even get out of hand. If you don't let things get serious, you'll be fine. Adopting a more nonchalant attitude will unblock a major obstacle by easing the stress. You'll find that events start flowing more naturally and positively as both Mercury picks up speed in forward motion and Jupiter pries open a window of opportunity for you.


It may not be wise to close the door on a certain plan that appears to have gone quiet. The horse may have bolted, but closing the stable door will prevent him from returning. Assess certain realistic possibilities and you'll find a sensible way to instigate progress. A satisfactory outcome is still likely. In fact, it's highly likely if you believe in it strongly enough. The most important chapter has yet to be written.


Arrogance is certainly not in your nature. And you can hardly be accused of being pushy; if anything, you could add just a smidgen of boldness to your personality. That would make things move faster for you. It comes down to a case of making your feelings known. There's nothing wrong with that when it's couched in eloquence. You have all it takes to acquire something you've always wanted. The next step is to clearly define this goal, so you don't end up with the wrong thing.


With Jupiter, the Opener of the Way, moving forward all the way through to March in 2018, we find you sailing swiftly ahead with the trade winds filling your sails. You are well on your way with plans and a shrewd strategy. Jupiter/Zeus is inspiring your hopes, dreams and aspirations. A most auspicious sky promises to boost your efforts. New vistas are opening that will broaden the horizons of your personal, emotional and business world.


There is good reason to be proud of yourself. You may not think so, but there are many people who admire and appreciate your many merits. Accepting such accolades can be rather embarrassing, due to your modesty and self-deprecating demeanour. Recognition of your abilities is not tantamount to arrogance. You are far wiser and stronger than you know. A whole host of celestial friends are advising you and they will supply you with all the confidence, strength and wisdom you require to make an important decision.  


Pluto's powerful placement in the current astrological narrative is initiating monumental change in the world. For you on a personal basis, it is bringing a life-changing, long-term transformation. What you've always wanted in your heart of hearts is within reach. A decision you have made will bring far reaching changes. The sky has some great things planned for you as you work through this watershed moment.


Jupiter's influence, now that Mercury has returned to direct motion, speaks of growth and expansion. Your efforts to pursue the object of your desire are gaining momentum. This heralds an opportunity to escape the nervous exhaustion you have been suffering at the hands of certain harsh realities. It is possible to slow things down just a little. By getting your mind off your worries and taking time to relax, those difficulties will melt away and leave you in peace.


Some people in this crazy world think they know everything. They profess to be experts in their field. Their unjustified self-confidence leads them to make ludicrous pronouncements that only serve to demonstrate their hubris. Modesty is a virtue, as long as it doesn't turn into diffidence. You are entitled to be proud of what you have accomplished. Forget your sources of worry, your doubts and any of your perceived shortcomings. Let yourself relax for a moment in the sunshine of your accomplishments.


Mercury/Hermes, referred to as the Master of Tactic by Homer, is your chief adviser and strategist. He's been blowing away the cobwebs that obscure your perception of your potential. Hence, you are becoming aware of a talent or ability that has languished in obscurity for your entire life. You are on the threshold of a new beginning. Fight off any negative feelings and concerns. Strive for the miraculous and you'll get it.