Your horoscope for the week ahead: The release of repressed memories will grant you emotional freedom

Expect to feel a whole lot better soon.

Expect to feel a whole lot better soon.

(Illustration by Warren Keefe)

Expect Halloween festivities, or at least the spirit, to be extended an extra few days due to the waxing Moon reaching fullness in earthy Taurus at the end of this week. The dynamic energy will produce a lot of boisterous merrymaking. Beware! You may prefer to stay in if you notice your fangs growing to an abnormal extent and unwanted hair sprouting in the palm of your hands.

The Sun's shift into Scorpio is turning up the heat in the boiling cauldron of your inner transformation. Look back to the events around the New Moon of Oct. 19 to get an idea of what's on your agenda this week. Although, it may be hard to believe, you are being ushered into a deeply fulfilling new era in your life.

Great spiritual, psychological and romantic lessons are being absorbed with the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio. Your intuitive and psychic skills will be greatly enhanced. Emotionally charged and repressed emotions are coming to the surface like lava out of a volcano. It's going to make you feel a whole lot better. You may even get proof that miracles do happen!

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, October 30, 2017.


A certain intense drama is obliging you to think carefully and deeply in your search for vital answers. Rationalizing your desires risks suppressing what you really need to experience. No amount of reasoning can deal satisfactorily with a certain strong gut feeling you are experiencing. The hardest thing, it seems, is to trust what your heart is saying. You are in the midst of a process that is helping you find a lasting source of happiness. A quiet moment of reflection today will bring the clarity you require.


Pressure is building in an important area of your life that lacks a comfortable margin of error. Living life close to the edge creates a lot of tension, but you do well under pressure. It brings out the best in you. Success depends on your level of confidence and your network of contacts. You have a direct line to a person of influence that believes in your potential. Be strong. Be bold. And the stars will do the rest. It's a lot easier than you think.


So often assumptions that we make are based on misleading information. This is what lies at the root of a major problem you are contending with. It is essential to hear every side of a certain story before making a final judgement. People are counting on you to make a difference. You'll be amazed at how rapidly everything changes for the better as a missing piece of information comes to light. Move swiftly, but not in haste.


Beware of thinking that very little is working out as it ought to for you. Doing so will manifest a negative outcome. No complaining allowed. The difficulties you face are the cosmos' way of toughening you up and stealing your determination. It's making you live your life with a sense of purpose in your quest for total victory. With a focussed, determined and courageous attitude, there is no limit to what you can achieve. A glorious new perspective on a certain situation will present itself and bring an epiphany.


Saturn's practical influence is showing you how to distinguish fact from fiction. As these insights work their magic, you'll awake to the need to retool a plan or strategy. It won't take long before you realize that the effort expended will reap rich rewards. With Mercury on his way back after another journey around the far side of the Sun, you will soon be coming in contact with some essential information that can be used to formulate a great success. Don't sit back and wonder what the future holds. Go forth and create it.


There are lots things you cannot do, but you can do what really matters the most. To get the outcome you're looking for, dreaming of, aspiring to and generally wishing to achieve, it is not necessary to pull off any major miracles. You merely need to keep your current path with the firm conviction that it is leading you to the paradise of your dreams. The stars are benevolently disposed towards you. They will help you find an ingenious way to beat every problem that crosses your path.


There are lots of people who enjoy reminding you of your limitations. Don't let that get to you. A happy life is not only desirable, but thoroughly achievable. Certain aspects of your emotional world have turned into a little bit of a soap opera, but there is one factor you can definitely do something about, namely – mind control.  By taking your mind off your troubles and focussing on what makes you feel good, you'll find that challenges miraculously start to sort themselves out and the good things in life get even better.


Developing wisdom requires us to be humble enough to acknowledge our mistakes. Some tough lessons have brought a huge leap in your sagacity. Your ability to look at the facts in a most realistic and truthful way means you will recover quickly from a challenging setback. You've had enough of rules, restrictions and instructions dictated by pompous brain-dead automatons. Don't be afraid to live up to your high values for they guarantee your success. You are free now to carve out the future of your dreams.


Whenever there is change in a sensitive area of our world, we start feeling edgy and insecure. You'd love a certain process to usher along faster, but any interference in this natural process is likely to prolong it. The objective you so ardently seek will be reached faster than you think. The Universe will work it all out for you. An auspicious link from Venus is setting up a serendipitous chain of events they will lead to a wonderful feeling of reassurance.


A critical and timely push from Jupiter, the Opener of the Way, is launching you on an exciting journey of exploration. You feel rather doubtful, but your mood will change as you gain some truly inspiring and helpful insights into what's in store. Follow your heart's lead and do what makes you happy. That's what really matters. If it feels right, everything will turn out right. An opportunity will appear out of nowhere.


Your role in a particularly important process is changing because it needs to change. Do what you can to adapt to it on a daily a basis. It may all seem rather risky, but if you go for it wholeheartedly, there is nothing that could possibly stop you from reaching success. Nothing stands between you and fulfilling your true potential except fear of the unknown. Kick fear out the door and the benevolent source that's guiding you will show you what needs to be done.


The mendacious ways of some folk are despicable. It's certainly not your style. There is after all that powerful and potent force called karma. The Universe sooner or later brings us face to face with the consequences of our behaviour. Someone's transgressions have riled you, but if you can get your mind off your frustration, the Universe will step in and take care of the judgment. Enjoy life. That's the best thing you can do. Success will come as a result.