Your horoscope for the week ahead: Expect the most powerful and potent New Moons in many years

It’s never been so important for you to connect with your path with heart.

It’s never been so important for you to connect with your path with heart

(Illustration by Warren Keefe)

Our fate-spinner, the Moon, has completed another monthly orbit around Earth. On Tuesday, she will pass between Earth and the Sun thus kicking off another New Moon and Lunar Month. Get ready to jump on your surfboard and catch the big wave. The New Moon will take place in the sensual Earth sign of Taurus.

This will be one of the most powerful and potent New Moons in many years, due to the revolutionary energy of Uranus leaving Aries and entering Taurus on the very same day. He will remain there all the way through to 2028. The last shift from Pisces to Aries took place in 2010/2011.

Uranus takes about 84 years to complete one circuit around the merry-go-round of the 12 zodiac signs, spending about 7 years in each sign. He is the sky god of ancient Greece. He strikes with the unpredictability of lightning. Uranus shakes, breaks and wakes us up.

This shift will be further amplified by the action-sign, Mars, in revolutionary Aquarius locking into a dynamic square (90 degree angle) to Uranus. It will herald a shift in the status quo. Your dream of a positive change can be realized. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the feminine principle, so we can expect a continuing rise of feminine power. The Uranus revolution is waking up women and men together. The expression of your creative drive is paramount. It's never been so important for you to connect with your path with heart.

Watch for the serendipitous union of the thin crescent Moon and Venus in the western sky after sunset on Thursday. Make your wishes! The sky is listening.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, May 14, 2018.


Jupiter's placement in an auspicious area of the sky is just the tonic you need to lift your spirits. It will lead to the resolution of certain sources of trouble. The stars rarely promise that an easy time is at hand, but, in this case, they do not deny that possibility. You are being granted an exceptional opportunity to clear the decks and begin things afresh. Have no fear concerning the change that seems to be making its way into your world. A deep source of inspiration is guiding you. A new and gratifying way of viewing your life is slowly beginning to emerge. It's designed to bring out the very best in you.


Perhaps, you've forgotten the seed of a dream you once had. It was dear to your heart, but time has elapsed, life has moved on, and you are very different person today. But now, the Sun, Apollo, has begun shining his warm golden light on that seed. It is stirring and coming back to life. This shift is activating your creative core. It is bringing you to the attention of people with influence. Do make sure you are on your best behaviour to avoid any potential embarrassment. There is one distinct advantage that accompanies this level of visibility. Interest is very likely to fall on your talents just at a time when you could use the recognition.


You need to do some fast thinking and make some fast manoeuvres. An important decision needs to be made, but there is a persistent lack of clarity, causing confusion. Everything seems a little vague and nebulous. The only thing you really need to be on the lookout for is the impact of an overly active imagination that might focus on the negative. Worrying about that big decision is making you unnecessarily nervous, but your mind will be set to rest. Trust the Universe and everything will take care of itself quite wonderfully. You are capable of much more than you realize. Success is written in your stars.


Mercury is bringing some enlightening insights that will shift you from a mood of expecting the worst, to a mood of expecting something far better. Despite all that is going so well, there is a negative sense of foreboding. Insecurities are hard to ignore, but you really must stop worrying. This week your mind will be put at ease as exciting and inspiring developments start lining up to greet you. A surge in wilful Mars' energy is taking place. You will see that you have the power to carve out the future of your dreams. It's just the tonic you need to blast off into the stars. A surprisingly jovial mood is moving in, like a lovely warm weather pattern.


You are experiencing some strong concerns about achieving a goal. Abandoning a particularly important long-term plan is a little premature. If you measure up your priorities correctly, you'll understand that you must finish a process despite the doubts that are being raised. The Universe is going to hurry things along now as Mercury speeds out towards the far side of the Sun. A close personal contact will assist you with some good ideas and suggestions that will accelerate progress. Certain options may seem mutually exclusive, but with a little lateral thinking you will find a way to harmonize them and make them work.


There's more taking place than meets the eye regarding someone's involvement in a sensitive area of your life. Pay less attention to what this person says and more to their actions. If you suspect that something is amiss, you owe it to yourself to carefully define your own needs as an individual, and delineate your own emotional and psychological boundaries. Some people just don't understand the limits. They may have good intentions, but still manage to overstep the line and land on your toes. Keep a sense of humour handy at all times. No matter what you are up against, things will work out well in the end.


It will prove easier than expected to outfox a pressing challenge. It's time to let go of what's making you feel tense. You've been dealing with the ramifications of an unavoidable event, but your experience of this process has taught you much. It's made you wily and shrewd. You'll enjoy the process thanks to all the benefits that will come. It's a stimulating test of your problem-solving abilities. The key is to keep your confidence level strong. If you can do that, there is little chance that you will achieve anything less than complete and total success.


More questions need to be asked concerning someone's behaviour which has left you flummoxed. To each of these questions there's an answer just waiting to be found. Your search will uncover a piece of information you can profit from. Its discovery will launch a most auspicious interlude in your life. You are more charismatic and influential that you realize. It can even be said that you are quite popular. The scenario you are dealing with seems beyond your control, but that's because you are underestimating your power. By being more relaxed and trusting the Universe more, you will find the joy you crave. Before long you'll be feeling upbeat and enthusiastic about your prospects.


You may be guilty of burning the candle at both ends. Take control of time by using it wisely. A healthy lifestyle is required to get you through the current intensity of your daily battles. A busy schedule combined with sleep deprivation encourages a defeatist and negative outlook. Now, that's not you at all. You're a winner and don't forget it. A well-rested mind and body will make it possible to meet the right people, make the right connections and build a clever strategy. Magic happens. A most fortuitous set of encounters is going to change your life in an unimaginable way. A powerful sky is on your side.


Thanks to your insightful and intuitive nature, you often turn up issues that people like to keep under wraps. This talent carries a high level of responsibility and requires great deal of discretion. You are a generous and kind sort of character. The last thing you want to do is to hurt someone's feeling. Letting out what you know about someone or a certain situation may not even be necessary. If you do say something, it needs to be done at the right time and in a delicate manner. But you may decide that silence and confidentiality is the wisest way to go. This week brings a revelation.


You don't normally hesitate to speak your mind if necessity calls for it. You feel a need to offer some advice, but whether someone decides to listen or not is another matter. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. People will only do what they have a mind to do. Play it safe and don't say anything you may regret. You don't want to create anymore problems by stirring things up. Getting uptight or anxious certainly won't help. Your mood has the power to change your fate, so choose your mood and don't let circumstances choose it for you.


Every time you think you understand why a certain problem keeps occurring, you realize that things are not so simple. A certain predicament you find yourself in does at times seem hopeless. In truth, though, it is full of positive potential. The seed of an idea you are toying with will grow into something quite stunning. Guard against morose thoughts and destructive cynicism. By looking at your situation with a mood of invincibility, you will find it isn't half as bad as what you fear. In fact, events this week will restore your faith in a wonderful vision of the future.