Your horoscope for the week ahead: Auspicious astrological models will increase your personal power

Negative forces don’t stand a chance against you.

Negative forces don’t stand a chance against you.

(Illustration by Warren Keefe)

The powerful punch of this past weekend's full Moon has delivered a vital lesson to us all. The picture is hugely positive. The outlook is excellent. Be aware that focussing your attention on trouble only serves to bring negative outcomes. Do your best to not worry and good fortune will knock on your door.

Positive astrological alignments are plentiful and easily accessible despite all the woes of the world. Auspicious astrological models are providing you with the energy to overcome challenges that once seemed insurmountable. Negative forces don't stand a chance against you.

As this week unfolds, Venus, the ruler of feminine power, will be moving toward a lovely link with Jupiter, the opener of the way. This is important to men as well as women. It's facilitating the development of your intuition and ability to empathize. The last quarter of the Moon by the end of the week will offer you a surge in your personal power.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, November 6, 2017.


It seems that someone is not really saying what they think. Not only can your acute powers of observation see through this charade, but you are aware of what is not being said. Something is not right with this person and you know it. Good ideas will come to your attention this week that will provide the confidence you need. Your inner intuitive source will give you the clarity and decisiveness to take action.


An old painful experience is still fraught with heavy, negative emotions. It's lingering on far too long, but you'll find a way of controlling your thoughts this week in way you never dreamed possible. Doing so will free you to move on to a wonderful new phase in your life. A world of adventure is eagerly awaiting your arrival. Jupiter is providing the right conditions to get your life on a positive flow.


A shift in your social life has come quite unexpectedly. It may feel as if destiny has forced it upon you and indeed it has. Sometimes we need a push. It's the only way to get us moving along, so try not to begrudge it. Accept it as one of the mysterious ways a benevolent Universe is leading you to success and fulfilment. A rare celestial alignment is making you impressively powerful so that you can meet and beat the demands you face.


No matter how things work out in regard to a personal issue, there is a sense that it's going to be good for you. With an open mind and the ability to adapt to surprises, you will find a way to avoid something that is not to your liking. Try not to worry so much over something that is well on the way to sorting itself out anyway. You need to stop doubting yourself. You're on the verge of breaking through a stubborn obstacle to happiness.


Mercury, as he fleets back towards Earth after his last journey around the far side of the Sun, is doing all he can to assist you in achieving something that will bring the emotional and psychological happiness you crave. You've had to cope with a litany of troubles, but that is all past history. The Universe is watching over you and is working out a way to bring you more love, comfort and support.


A certain problem is causing you a great deal of concern. Gather up your clues and continue your investigation into truth. Weigh everything up. There is something that you need to find out, but someone is not being cooperative. Hidden somewhere, in a corner of your mind, is a piece of information that could make a world of difference. An epiphany will come at an undetermined moment, but come it will. A surprise awaits you. And it's going to be a pleasant surprise.


A friendly dalliance between the Jupiter and your ruler, Venus, is building in power and influence as this week unfolds. This is a highly auspicious state of affairs. It evokes the idea of emotional and psychological insights into a relationship that is close to your heart. Logic will be injected into an illogical situation. There is a chance to have an essential exchange with someone with whom you need to see eye to eye. Good news and a jewel of an idea are moving towards you.


No one seems to fully appreciate the weight of all your responsibilities and duties. That's probably because you make it all look so easy. If you feel unappreciated, you'll just have to be less modest and more forthright about your own needs and the strain you're under. There is nothing wrong with expressing your true feelings. You're doing a great job and deserve to get some good press — lots of it!


With Mars occupying a particularly auspicious area of the sky, your world is opening up to wonderful possibilities. You know what you want, which is a good thing, but it's not coming fast enough. A breakthrough is on the way, so do not abandon your dream. Things will get easier as your personal power grows. Where there is a will, there most certainly is a way!


An important goal continues to elude you. It's playing hard to get. The sky wishes to assure you that this will not continue. The end is clearly in sight. You have friends in high celestial places who are sending a warm trade wind in your direction. It will whisk you gently on towards your greatest dream and the happiness you've been yearning for all your life. You can't get better than that.


The challenges you are struggling with will prove easier to overcome than you think. Have more faith in your skills. If anxiety is on the rise, nip it in the bud. You have enough personal power to attract the kind of luck you need. You'll be amazed at how easily you extricate yourself from a certain tricky situation. The benevolent force that's guiding you will help you get it exactly right.


When faced with life's challenges, what we need are solutions. Time is a big factor too. It's often the case that more time is required than we think to get certain big jobs done. But don't let that stop you from trying. You're in the process of creating a foundation to your existence that will bring strength and stability to your future and the future of your loved ones. A new phase of your life's work has already begun.