Your horoscope for the week ahead: Astrological alignments will lift your spirits and pluck up your courage

Venus and Jupiter are creating the future of your dreams

Venus and Jupiter are creating the future of your dreams

(Illustration by Warren Keefe)

The final days of this lunar month are upon us. It's all leading up to the New Moon on Saturday. There are a bevy of uplifting astrological alignments lining up in the coming days that will lift your spirits and pluck up your courage.

Take, for example, Monday's close conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in the predawn sky. If you can purloin a view of the eastern horizon, you will bear witness to the rare and delightful spectacle of these two scintillating stars meeting up. The positive, high energy power of this alignment will reach you whether you can see it or not. Light a candle. Make a list of your wishes. The sky will help you manifest them.

The waning crescent Moon meets up with fiery Mars on Wednesday. This speaks of bold action and a fearless assault on diffidence. This is not a time of hesitation. It's a time to let the world know that you exist. The time of subjugating your needs and limiting your willpower is over. You are creating the future of your dreams. The world depends on you.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, November 13, 2017.


What you choose to believe will determine the outcome of an important plan. Certain developments have not been just a series of random occurrences as some rational thinkers might think. They specialize in reducing meaningful events to shallow insignificance. Quite the contrary, everything that is happening in your life is full of purpose and meaning. A magic star is directing you towards sweet success.


You have been plying your way through the stormy seas of life, but your sails remain sturdy and strong with no sign of shredding. The winds have begun changing to your advantage. The sky is sending a halcyon breeze to speed you on your way. Success depends on boldly surging ahead with an ambitious aspiration. Don't go half way with anything. The key is to act with a complete certainty. Celestial forces will guide you to making the right decisions each and every time they need to be made.


The reconciling of hostile ideas between you and a certain someone reflects the tension of contradictory impulses within your own psyche. Resolving the issue at hand may seem impossible under the current circumstances, but with Mercury engaged in a constructive angle all that could change in an instant. The sky is not only guiding you, it's protecting you. It has delivered a lot of tough love, but this has been for your own good. You'll reach your goal if you believe in your guiding star.


So much is riding on your hopes of achieving a special goal, one that you've set up an unrealistic timescale for. Your dream is realistic and thoroughly viable, but it's execution needs a little work. Do not scupper your chances of success by letting haste rule your modus operandi. You deserve to do well, and the Universe is more than willing to provide assistance. All you have to do is allow the natural flow of events to take you there.


It may seem to you that you have committed a series of blunders. Not so! You will soon understand that a cosmic hand guided you to make them. They will prove to be the best mistakes you've ever made for they have, unbeknownst to you, redirected you onto a most fortuitous path. The sky is providing a supply of eager assistants that will aid and abet your efforts. The biggest successes come after disappointments. The golden light of fresh hope is rising on the horizon like a rosy warm sunrise after a long cold night.


You are worrying far too much over something that has no power to harm you. You are the master of your destiny. The sky speaks of your ability to create something out of nothing. You're on the verge of producing an impressive achievement. With your creative talents and your ability to pull off miracles, there's no telling what you can do. Mercury has been busy enhancing your innovative skills whilst Mars is providing the horsepower you need to achieve what you desire so dearly.


To make positive progress requires that you be guided by what feels right to you, rather than following what people expect of you. There's every good reason to expect success with a plan you are pursuing. Take advantage of the exceptional cosmic climate that is shining on you. The emotional suffering you had to endure is over. Everything is being changed for the better. This is a potentially wonderful time in the saga of your life.


With Mercury fleeting his way back to Earth after his latest journey around the far side of the Sun, you may feel a desire to control or force through a certain outcome. It is good to feel passionate, just don't let it become obsessive. Pushing too hard would interfere with a natural process that is progressing quite well. The sky has its own good reason for moving at the pace it is. It may seem slow to you now, but you'll soon look back on this time and realize that you were moving full speed ahead.


Taking action in haste and without proper reflection can sometimes cause us to leap from the frying pan straight into the fire. Sticking with the devil you know rather than the devil you don't has certain distinct advantages. You're close to making a major decision. Some crucial information is about to come to your attention and make you realize that the big picture is bigger that you previously thought. There are more options at your disposal that you realize.


Thanks to a powerful alignment from Mars, you'll find the strength to overcome a worry or concern that is besetting you. Kick fear out the door. A solution to this issue is extremely close. Send your dearest wishes to Mercury, your personal agent, as he speeds his way back to Earth. It appears likely that even your romantic life is due to receive a tonic. This is the start of a most auspicious interlude in your life.


Powerful life-changing developments are taking place. You've thoroughly thought through a crucial plan and after extensive reflection you still hesitate to move on it. Well, the time has come to get going. Something deep within you is itching for action. The time has come to knock on doors until the right one opens. Trust the intuitive source that guides you. It's your instinct not your brain that will lead the way. A benign cosmic influence is guiding you to a heartfelt goal.


Some people get their kicks from strife, anger and confrontation. They derive a perverse kind of thrill from it. If you find yourself coping with someone who is spouting superficial clap-trap and subscribing to overly simplistic ideas, you'd be well advised to keep away from them. Engaging in arguments is their goal. Astrological omens indicate that tranquillity and peace of mind with a cup of linden tea would better suit your interests.