Your horoscope for the week ahead: A New Moon, Partial Eclipse and Chinese New Year bring clarity

This will all prove wonderfully auspicious for you.

This will all prove wonderfully auspicious for you.

(Illustration by Warren Keefe)

The week begins with the waning Moon slimming down to a slender crescent. It will disappear into the Sun on Thursday and be reborn as a New Moon at 27 degrees of Aquarius. That is a very important degree that that resonates with the highly energetic Galactic Center. The Mayans called this the entrance to the Underworld. Today it's call the black hole.

This New Moon is going to pack an extra punch since the Moon will pass in front of the Sun and partially block its light. The Moon will only cover part of the Sun making it a partial eclipse as opposed to a total eclipse. Nonetheless, it will be powerful.

My observations of solar eclipses indicate that they act as a cosmic finger pointing out certain areas of the Earth. This one will begin in Antarctica and move northward into South America, drawing our attention to this area of the world. Penguins and ecological issues concerning the climate change are likely to be important topics that come up, but there will be more.

And there's still more! This New Moon will also kick off Chinese New Year celebrations. Welcome to the Year of the Dog.

New Moon, Partial Solar Eclipse and Chinese New Year all come together this week with potent and powerful impact. This will all prove wonderfully auspicious for you. The emphasis will be on gaining clarity regarding your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Whether it's work, love or your direction in life, you'll get valuable answers. Your rocket to the stars is about to blast off.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, February 12, 2018.


It is deeply ingrained in human nature to desire what we cannot easily acquire. A happy day will arrive when we humans will escape our propensity for irrational behaviour. In the meantime, perhaps you could get the ball rolling toward the manifestation of a vital if illusive dream, by reminding yourself of everything that is good in your life and being thankful for it all. That's a proven technique for building self-esteem which in turn attracts happiness and success.


We may love and adore animals but be unaware of the inhumane treatment of animals in food production. We uphold lofty ecological values but drive cars that pollute and damage the environment. This obviously is of great concern for you but do try to not let your concern turn into anxiety. You can't change the world single-handedly and no one expects that you should. You were born to enjoy life, so let yourself off the hook and allow yourself to be happy.


So often it happens that after knowing someone all your life, you suddenly discover one day that you don't really know them at all. A crisis can sometimes bring out an unknown and unpleasant side of a person's character. A certain relationship is changing in this way for you, but this will prove to be a blessing. The Universe is making you aware of something that needs to be known. There is every reason in the world to believe that this can be resolved.


Sometimes the truth hurts, but it leads to a major realization or breakthrough in understanding. When that point is reached, magic enters into the equation and amazing things start to happen. The New Moon of Thursday will bring something to your attention that, although it may ostensibly seem a little disquieting, will bring great delight. New horizons are opening. Watch how everything falls neatly into place.


A big step forward needs to be taken in your life, but old fears and phobias are holding you back. Success depends on your willingness to put the past behind you and step boldly into the future. It's not yet possible to know what will come. But if you act with courage and certainty, the sky will inspire you with a perfect win-win strategy. Extraordinary opportunities are queuing up to greet you.


A critical voice buried deep down in your unconscious is undermining your personal power. It's working insidiously and in a nefarious ways to make you think that you cannot succeed in fulfilling a particularly important dream. Give yourself a little more respect. Take control of your thoughts as you would the tiller of a boat and steer it toward where your heart wants to go. You have the power to make miracles happen. You are about to be amazed.


It's hard to know where you stand concerning a certain confusing scenario. Perhaps it's too complex or perhaps you lack the necessary experience to make sense of it. The uncertainty of this situation, though, is doing you a lot of good by honing your problem-solving skills. There is one thing you can be sure of – you are being guided by a reliable inner source of wisdom that won't let you down.


If things are not working out the way you want them to, that's just fine. When the time is right everything will come together. And you have the power to make that time come sooner rather than later. You most certainly do! Powerful astrological factors are empowering your cause. The Universe is teaching you how to develop a bold and intrepid attitude. Your astrological outlook is good.


It is important to keep your head while all those about you are losing theirs. Certain others may scoff at your dreams, but don't let that diminish your enthusiasm or drive. Put your foot down, if you need to emphasize a principle. It's not a question of being arrogant or haughty. It's simply a matter of standing up for your beliefs. You owe it to yourself. Everyone you care about will benefit as a result.


A helpful connection to Venus has the potential to add a few coins in your coffers. It all depends on how astute you are at spotting opportunities. It might be a small addition, or it could be much bigger. It's never good to raise expectations too high, but you would be remiss if you did not recognize an opportunity that is on course to cross your path. It's one that could ultimately lead to something even bigger further down the road.


It often takes a crisis to force us to introduce overdue change. We all basically try to hold on to our routines and the status quo. Be thankful of the problems you are dealing with now. It's a gift from the heavens. It is pushing you into doing something that needs to be done. You'll be glad of it. Your personal power is growing exponentially. This is a game changer that will allow you to carve out the future of your dreams.


A prevailing feeling of negativity that is pervading the world will not affect your life. Even an awkward situation which appears to be thwarting progress will be easily handled. The subject that has you concerned now is not nearly as serious as it might appear. Work at getting your mind off what is blocking your way and on to finding the best way to carry out your mission. By adopting a positive and determined attitude, you will reach a much-coveted goal. The future is eager to embrace you with happiness.