Your horoscope for the week ahead: A dream-nurturing Supermoon ushers us into the New Year

The boost we need to fire up our determination and to fulfill our potential is here.

The boost we need to fire up our determination and to fulfill our potential is here

(Illustration by Warren Keefe)

Happy New Year to you! Here we go again with the start of another year full hopes and dreams for what it will bring. It's off to a good start; the stars will give back what you invest. With the right attitude, hard planetary alignments can be turned into positive turning points and propitious alignments will reward you with miracles.

Things are looking wonderfully auspicious as we kick off this first week. The adjustments made during December's once-in-four-month Mercury retrograde will serve you well as Mercury aka Hermes picks up speed in forward direction. Your ship full of dreams is off to the far side of the Sun. Hermes is busy looking for opportunities for you. With both the Sun and Venus in empire-building Capricorn, the timing is good to move forward with projects and ideas. Agreements made now have a high probability of being long-lasting.

Monday's Full Moon in the empathetic sign of Cancer will nurture and foster the growth of the ideas and projects you are working on this week. This is a particularly powerful Supermoon. It will give you the super boost you need to fire up your determination to fulfill your potential. There is not much that can stop you.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, January 1, 2018.


Carefully vet all of your thoughts for they are sowing the seeds of your future success or failure. Indulging in your grievances and perceived injustices – real or imagined – will hinder you in your quest for success. Instead, feed on the power of all that is good in your world. You are in an exceptionally good position to reach a dream. A crop of outstanding opportunities is eagerly waiting to greet you. It's harvest time and it's a big one.


Apollo, the Sun, is beaming down warmly on you and setting you up nicely to escape a complicated situation. Life, which hasn't been all that easy lately, is about to get a whole lot simpler. Thanks to some auspicious alignments, all your hard work will pay off as the sky offers you the possibility of improvement in an area of your life that needs it most. There is nothing that could possibly stop you.


Something is lingering on from the past that would be best forgotten. It may feel like a huge effort of willpower is required to shake it off, but not so. It will prove to be as easy as a freshly bathed dog shaking water out of its fur. Exceptionally powerful cosmic developments promise a fruitful few days that will lead to something meaningful, profound and inspired. There is no doubt that you are about to attain something worthwhile.


The stars wish to inform you, categorically and emphatically, that you can and will resolve an issue that is causing you consternation. Your instincts may not be infallible, but as a rule they very reliable. An incident, which affected you on an emotional level has been hard to shake off. It's never wise to raise your expectations too high, but it's pretty safe to say that a resolution is in the offing that will soothe your soul with a lot of cheer.


It won't be as hard as you think to bounce back from a situation that has left you feeling disappointed and perhaps even dejected. Your willingness to put your heart on the line is a laudable demonstration, not only of your honesty, but of the true extent of your emotional strength and courage. Your special skill is that you can think along unusual and innovative lines. This is what makes you a winner. So, break your routines. Ignore traditions. Wherever things can be done differently now, they will refresh your optimism and spirit of adventure.


To get a grip on a problem that needs immediate attention, you need to understand that you have an unconscious connection to a source of wisdom. Something invisible is protecting you. The more you believe in its existence, the more it will empower you. Your future begins in your own mind. There's every reason to feel optimistic and no valid reason to fear the future. One thing for sure is that exciting choices and options are waiting to greet you. An auspicious sky bodes well.


Wanting something too much creates anxiety and angst. These are negative emotions and when they get in the mix, you can be sure you'll be in for a hard time. Make a concerted effort to create some escape time from the hectic pace of life. You will reach your goals more easily once you get yourself in the right frame mind. A mood of confidence and sustained determination will bring good fortune. A friendly sky is giving you the boost you need to reach your objectives.


Raising expectations too high can lead to disappointment, yet there is good reason to expect good results that will lift your spirits. An initiative you are about to take will gain a momentum of its own at a time when a certain area of your life looked as though it might have been in decline. Your potential for joy is now greater than it has ever been. Something significant is due to occur. And by significant, the stars mean awesome.


Around this time of the year, responsibilities and duties tend pile up and weigh you down by forcing you to do things you'd rather not have to do. But when you have a passionate cause to inspire you, there is no earthly power that can stop you. Keep following your heart and continue working towards your goals with your famed ferocity. There is sense of deep and wondrous purpose in your activities.


All things considered, you ought to do exceptionally well with a plan you're conjuring up. Mercury during his retrograde phase tuned you in to a winning strategy. Your biggest enemy is your unwarranted indulgence in apprehension and doubt. A voice inside you keeps arguing against your chances of success. Banish this inner critic. Giving it too much consideration will scupper your chances just a time when the tide is turning in your favour.


You are bearing up exceptionally well with a heavy burden of emotional responsibilities. Sometimes, it feels that there is no light visible at the end of that long dark tunnel, but you know intrinsically that a sharp bend is coming up that will suddenly and unexpectedly lead to the exit. Keep your sunglasses handy, because a scene of great illumination is about to burst upon you. The new beginning you are searching for is near. A joyful sense of being reborn is so close, it's palpable.  


You are about to gain free access to unlimited amounts of something you need after a long drought. Yes, it's been a long time coming. You fully deserve this lovely auspicious new chapter of your life. Your personal power is growing and is it does, you will find it easier to get whatever you need, when you need it. In fact, it's not so much a case of getting what you want as much as wanting what you've got. The point is that everything you want is within you.