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The must see IG account calling out the hilarity behind that perfect shot

The lengths people will go to be insta-famous.
(Source, left: Instagram, @boyfriends_of_insta)

Last summer I visited a Toronto ice cream shop called Sweet Jesus. This place boasts hour-long lineups in peak summer months for their over the top ice cream creations.

This is some highly instagrammable fare.

One of their locations is right down the street from my office. On a particularly hot day I was convinced by some colleagues to brave the lineup and give it a try. The ice cream was good, but what I saw waiting in line was even better.   

During our 40 minute wait I spotted a girl I know with her boyfriend. They had just exited with 2 magnificent looking "Krusty the Cones". Stuck behind a barricade I was unable to say hello…but after a while I didn't want to.  Upon her exit I watched this woman embark on a 20 minute photoshoot with her ice cream cone. Surprised, concerned, aghast, low angle, high angle, sunlight, shade: a jaw dropping plethora of photos all shot by her boyfriend as both their cones began to drip down their wrists. It was a spectacle so embarrassing I ended up hiding behind people in line so she wouldn't see me to say hello. The rest of the crowd had been watching this too and everyone, millennials included, were staring in disbelief.   

This was the perfect tableau of Instagram culture taken a step too far. Where the outside perception of the experience and how you looked experiencing it was more important than the experience itself.   

All I wanted to do was take a picture of it all, to show the world the ridiculousness behind this girl's perfect shot and the public humiliation she endured to get it.  I couldn't do it. Thankfully, someone else has taken up the cause. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the world's most important new instagram account Boyfriends of Instagram!

How many times have you looked at your friend's Instagram feed…and in the midst of followers showering him or her you are asking yourself…who the hell took that picture?  Well, now we know and in this case it usually involves boyfriends lying in the dirt.

This girl even has a lighting director.

If you find yourself envious of someone's perfect-seeming life/beauty on Instagram you will find this VERY cathartic and there's a Facebook page too! This concept is of course nothing new.  Back in 2015 this parody titled "Instagram Husband" summed things up nicely.

However, this latest iteration is real life and that's what makes it all the more brilliant.  That pretty girl you went to highschool with is actually not living the life of spontaneity and perfection she wants you to believe. She's living a life of manufactured moments and her boyfriend has a second career as a cinematographer. This, of course, is not gender specific. It's not just about making fun of people who are way too obsessed with projecting an unrealistic image of themselves and their lives. It's not just about making ourselves feel better in comparison to this anarchy. It's an effective reminder to live in the real world and a challenge to call out false realities when you see them. Remember, behind that perfect ice cream shot is a half melted cone, a very sticky arm and lots of people staring.