The coolest gear for HIIT, spin and pilates right now

Serious picks for getting your butt kicked while you workout, and still looking badass.

Some of my favourite social media athletes have inspired my hunt for cool gym clothes going into 2017, now that my fitness goals are lit and I'm promising myself to follow-though. I like the styles of Rachel Aust, a sleek Australian minimalist who wears almost all black, and Zanna Van Dijk, who prefers bright burst of colour; Toronto-born Adrienne Ho of Sweat The Style inspires with camo, and Cat Meffen probably has the most artistic collection of yoga pants in the world.

Since activewear has exploded over the last few years, it's way easier to make what you wear to work out a little more imaginative. These aren't athleisure pieces, there's nothing leisurely about them — these ensembles are for sweating in HIIT, spin class, pilates and barre. In other words, they're for getting your butt kicked and looking confident about it.  

Get Higher Than High

These leggings, a high rise cut by the Gap, are the highest I can find. They're awesome for squat progressions, lunges, burpees and every other move that requires your legs to swing around since these pants won't inch down your hips--which can be super- annoying when you're trying to focus.

Doubly Stylish

Addition Elle has designed a collection of loveable gym clothes for curvy women. This pair of light pink, graffiti-printed leggings are chic, cheerful and, even best of all, reversible. You'll find a cool bright blue on the other side. 

Queen Bey-Approved

This tank ticks all the boxes: it's metallic, mesh for maximum breathability, and oversized in a cool way. Thanks for everything you do, Beyoncé.

High Intensity Trainers

The hotness of high intensity interval training, or HIIT, shows no sign of cooling off in 2017. HIIT is a cardio exercise method that pushes your body to the max in 30, 60 and 90 second intervals. You go fast, and you go hard, so this pair of Adidas by Stella McCartney trainers, designed to be super light and give you incredible no-slip traction, is just what you need.

Jumpsuit For Joy

You've never practiced yoga until you practice yoga in a jumpsuit, trust me. You won't worry about your shirt flying up in downward dog ever again, or be discomforted by a bulky waistband in savasanah. As far as yoga wear is concerned, it's jumpsuits for the win. I love this one by H&M.

Right Down To Your Toes

No joke, anatomical cushioning in your socks positively affects your stance by encouraging optimal alignment. These socks by Stretch Crew will keep your knees and hips in line, keep your feet dry, and add a little compression to promote circulation while you're working out. Of course, they're cooler than your average sock too.

The Opposite Of Invisible

Warning: this pair of camouflage leggings and matching sports bra will make you highly visible, not even close to invisible. Sometimes it's tough to find women's gym clothes that aren't bright pink and purple, so this set by Sweat The Style is super welcome to the mix.However. the zippered pocket in the back, large enough to fit an iPhone, is pretty stealthy.

Wrist Cold

Add some ice to your wrist with the Misfit Ray fitness tracker. This wearable will track your steps, calories, distance and sleep for at least 6 months before the batteries need replacing. Whereas many fitness trackers look clunky on the wrist, this bracelet looks minimalist, sleek and welcome with a blazer.