The 8 best date night Halloween movies

Grab your ghoulfriend.

Grab your ghoulfriend.

(Movie still from 'Dracula', 1931, Universal Pictures)

In the midst of Halloween fever, every TV channel always trots out the creepiest classic and current cinema that we all love to scream at. But sometimes, the October movie schedule can just be a total gorefest. If 90 minutes of stylized decapitations aren't your (popcorn) bag, there are plenty of films that capture the eerie vibe of Halloween with a little bit of romance too, perfect for your next date night. So grab your partner, cuddle up and don't get too scared at these perfect Halloween date night flicks.

Let Me In

Let Me In is a 2010 American/British romantic horror film remade from the 2008 film Let The Right One In (which is equally as watchable). It tells the story of Owen, a bullied boy desperately seeking revenge, who befriends Abby, a girl who lives a secret life as an ancient vampire. The supernatural plot only serves to exploit emotions we all feel; innocence and secrets, the unknowns of commitment and the innocence of youth. At times scary, for sure, but Let Me In will leave a much larger imprint on your mind and heart than the usual horror fare.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Okay, not a horror film per se, but still remains the eternal animated embodiment of Halloween. Tim Burton was at his creepily compassionate best as the told the stop-motion tale of Jack Skellington, the toast of Halloween Town, who stumbles upon Christmas Town and decides to bring the holiday cheer back home. All the while, his secret ragdoll admirer, Sally, vies for his attention. It's a reminder of the idiocy you'll put up with for the one you love and it is the perfect cinematic bridge between the end of October and the true horrors of Christmas decorations.


Though the ghost himself had been around for decades in comics and cartoons, the movie Casper was the first to have a completely CGI character in the lead role. Christina Ricci was the crush of every pre-teen boy on the planet as she and her father moved into the mansion to investigate its paranormal activity. While Casper falls in haunted love, his ghostly uncles (one voiced by Brad Garrett of Everybody Loves Raymond) try to scare them out. Though it's ultimately a children's film, it goes far deeper into the themes of lost love and second chances. Plus the finale is literally at a Halloween party so you can't go wrong.


Speaking of love after death, there's probably no more adorably deceased than Geena Davis and the (peak boyishly handsome) Alec Baldwin as a couple who try to haunt back their home from wealthy eccentrics after their demise. Another Tim Burton classic, it shares interesting perspectives on the afterlife – that it may be just as mundane as life on Earth and love can eventually conquer all. Michael Keaton's smooth talking ghost established a classic Halloween costume for all eternity.

Child's Play

Sometimes you have to throw out the romance and have the most stupidly fun Halloween date night imaginable. Skip the sequels and settle with Chucky, a vulgar serial killer trapped inside a toy doll via a voodoo bargain to avoid hell (you know, the usual). Per voodoo rules, Chucky must transfer his soul into the boy who owns him, outrageously terrorizing his suburban family in the process. It's so mindlessly entertaining that it's gone on to spawn a huge cult following and six other films. Shut your brains off and enjoy this gourmet cinematic cheese.


When it comes to the art of supernatural seduction, there is no better than the 1931 Dracula. It set the tone for every vampire film after it and star Bela Lugosi is the creepiest of casanovas. As with any old film, the tropes are clearly there, but giving it a serious look now will show you while it's one of the most beloved movies of all time. There's a permeating tone of elegant eeriness through the entire film and Bela is at the perfect intersection of romantic and monstrous, luring you with his eyes before dooming you with his fangs.

The Addams Family

Gomez and Morticia Addams aren't in gothic love, they are gothic love. Played by Angelica Houston and the late Raul Julia, they breathe sexually-charged life into the characters that had been far less passionate on television. The romance spans the entire film, surviving evictions, family betrayals and medieval torture devices, to revel in the insanity of their relationship. Though there may be scarier and more romantic films, there is no greater couple that encapsulates both and you'll be kissing down your partner's arm before it's over.