Test your sex IQ: Pony up on getting down

We enlisted sexologist Shannon Boodram to test our sexual intelligence. Take this true or false quiz to see where you land on the bedroom know-how scale.
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Let's talk about sex, baby! Now we all probably fancy ourselves pretty up on all things getting down, right? But the fact of the matter is, no matter how old or experienced we are, we can probably afford to bone up on our carnal knowledge.

So we enlisted certified sexologist, Youtuber, and author Shannon Boodram to test our sexual intelligence with a true or false quiz. Play along!

True or False: For every one orgasm a woman has, a man has two.
False: It's actually three to one for men. Shannon says this is because women are often late bloomers when it comes to finding out what pleases them. Pop culture is generally so fixated on the male orgasm that women often take the back seat. Shannon encourages women to spend some time with themselves to find out what they like and then communicate that to their partners.

True or False: A man's nipple is just as sensitive as the female nipple.
True: A man's nipple has just as many nerve endings as a woman's. However, the male nipple area is an often overlooked area during intimacy.

True or False: Although the penis head is larger, it is actually less sensitive than the clitoris.
True: In fact, the clitoris has twice as many nerve endings as the penis. Eight thousand nerve endings to be exact.

True or False: The armpit is an erogenous zone.
True: Anywhere on the body that joints connect can be an erogenous zone. We know the neck and groin are go-to areas, but behind the knee, the elbow joint and yes, even the armpit can be turn ons.

True or False: Only women can experience multiple orgasms.
False: Although it's less frequent, men can experience multiple orgasms.

True or False: The average penis size is six inches.
False: Actually, it's just over five inches. Shannon says exposure to pornography can sometimes give people unrealistic expectations of what's "normal," but five inches is the average for men.

True or False: Two thirds of women do not orgasm from penetration alone.
True: Most women need clitoral stimulation to "finish" so vaginal intercourse alone won't do the trick. The clitoris is the only part of the body designed purely for pleasure, so don't ignore it!

True or False: Only men can have nocturnal emissions (wet dreams).
False: While less common, women can also have wet dreams, proving the brain is the most important sex organ of all.

True or False: A good lower back massage can stimulate the genitals.
True: Nerve endings traveling through the spine can be accessed with pressure on the lower back.

True or False: It takes the average female body 10-20 minutes to become fully aroused.
True: Men become aroused much quicker than women, women typically need a little time to warm up. This is why foreplay is so important.

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