Sore no more: 10 gadgets that promise to take the pain away

Text neck be gone... please?

Text neck be gone... please?

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Whether it's a crick in your neck, tight hips or a chronically sore back, we'll all encounter some annoying pains in our lifetimes. Desk life and smartphones aren't exactly conducive to a pain-free body. Most of us have a foam roller lying around (we love them) but for those of us who need a next level tool to alleviate those muscle knots and aches, we sought out some unique items that claim to provide serious relief.

Trigger Point Self Massage Tool

What looks (and sometimes feels) like a medieval torture device might actually be much needed relief for your tightly rounded shoulders. The self-massager has 11 strategically placed therapy knobs to pinpoint those nagging pains, is strong enough for you to apply as much pressure as you need and comes with an instructional manual for you to provide your own brand of physical therapy.

Trigger Point Self Massage Tool, $29.94, amazon.ca

Trigger Point Tool

Similar in concept, this apparatus has knobs placed on the inside of a strap, so you can use it on your back, neck, legs and feet. The tool aims to mimic finger pressure at different intensities and comes with a DVD showing you countless different ways to use the strap on your body.

Trigger Point Tool, $39.99, amazon.ca

Massage Suction Roller Ball

If you're on the go or in the office, you may look a little weird pulling a large contraption out of your bag, regardless of how helpful it might be. This portable roller ball has a built-in suction cup so you can stick it to your wall and lean your body into your trigger areas. And, best of all, you can use it in the shower.

Massage Suction Roller Ball, $8.99, amazon.ca

Original Beastie Ball & Base

Speaking of balls, if the standard sphere isn't doing the trick, you may opt for something a little more intense. This ball (known as the "Beastie") is specifically designed to target those nagging little areas for deeper relief and comes with a detachable base so you can roll or use it directly on pressure points.

RumbleRoller Original Beastie & Base, $24.95, amazon.ca

Hot/Cold Roller Ball

Sometimes, your muscles would do well with a little temperature change; warmer to loosen up tight areas or cooler to soothe and combat inflammation. This ball can do both. The stainless steel ball can be heated up in hot water or cooled in the fridge and has a stabilizing gel that retains the temperature for over an hour so you can even do hot/cold therapy to increase your circulation.

Hot/Cold Roller Ball, $19.99, amazon.ca

Fascia/Cellulite Blaster

Perfect to use while watching TV, this small hand roller is designed for use on your limbs, hips and stomach. Along with breaking up fascia, this roller claims to also help eliminate cellulite and is often combined with skin lotion or massage oils.

Fascia/Cellulite Blaster, $12.90, amazon.ca

Posture Corrector

Some chronic issues stem from poor posture and as much as you treat the pain, if the problem continues the pain will persist. This brace sits at the clavicle and claims that it can correct your posture and thus alleviate your back pain. It essentially pins the shoulders back to prevent slouching, whether you are sitting or standing and is light and comfortable enough to be worn under or over clothing.

Posture Corrector (w/ bag & kinesiology tape), $22.95, amazon.ca

Scraping Massage Tool

Recently gaining more mainstream popularity, muscle scraping is based on a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice known as "gua sha", believing that tense muscles block the energy flow and hamper overall well being. Running this jade stone blade across your muscles (in a combing motion) can release acid buildup, increase blood flow and release tension.

Scraping Massage Tool, $15.99, amazon.ca

Foot Massager Roller

For whether you run the risk of developing disorders like plantar fasciitis, or enjoy a relieving foot rub no matter what your condition. This foot roller is large enough to fully roll both feet simultaneously, equipped with two types of pressure rollers and a handy foot reflexology chart, claiming to release pressure all over your body straight from your feet.

Foot Massage Roller, $17.99, amazon.ca

Vibrating Foam Roller

By now we all know the virtues of the standard foam roller: breaking up built-up fascia to increase blood flow and mobility; but this one literally shakes things up a bit. The 4-speed roller claims to be better than average by virtue of its deep tissue massage technology, allowing you to keep continuous pressure and really grind out a problem area at your own pace.

4 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller, $68.84, amazon.ca.