Simple tips and light gear to help you work out while away

These tools and tips will help you stay fit on the road.
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You don't make excuses for skipping workouts at home, so don't turn travelling into an excuse either. Whether you are jetting away for business or pleasure, there's no reason to completely give up on your workout routine. It's easy to stay fit on the road with with these tips, plus few essentials that take up minimal room in your luggage.

Take the gym with you

While some hotels may have well-stocked gyms, many of them vary in quality, and let's face it, your Airbnb probably won't have workout options on site! But, a little creativity can go a long way to creating a routine that works for you while you're away. There are a ton of apps or YouTube videos that feature bodyweight-only exercises that you can do right in your hotel room, so browse away before you leave to pick out your favourites. To give you the most options, make sure have what you need with the F1 Flight Kit by Flight 001 (available online or at Nordstrom in Canada). It contains a jump rope, three different levels of resistance bands, and a workout chart, all packed in a nylon backpack that you can bring with you pretty much anywhere and gives you a huge variety of strength training and cardio possibilities.

Run the town (...or beach)

Since one of the best ways to explore any destination is on foot, why not combine some of that sight-seeing the while you get in some cardio by running? For tropical getaways, run or walk the beach for extra resistance. Travelling to a hilly place like San Francisco? Take advantage of all those inclines and do hill intervals. While I was in Girona, Spain this past summer, I used the epic steps and steep streets surrounding the old cathedral as a challenging run route. To make it even more convenient, bring running shoes that won't drag you or your luggage down. Nike Free RN Flyknit (for women or men) are pretty much the lightest and most packable runners out there. Bonus: with their street-ready good looks, you'll be just as comfortable wearing them for a casual stroll or even on your flight.   

Pack pieces that do double duty

When it comes to a travel wardrobe of any kind, versatility is key. Two functions are better than one, especially if you are going carry-on only. Lucky for the fitness fan, the athleisure trend shows no sign of slowing down, meaning you can get the extra mile out of your workout wear while still looking chic on vacation. With sexy mesh panel details, the Abyss Bra paired with their Deco leggings by Toronto-based, MICHI, will make you the most sophisticated thing at the hotel gym. And - because the fabric is quick-drying, simply give the bra top a wash at the hotel sink after your sweat session. Pair it with the high-waisted Abyss Bikini Bottom and you're ready to swim laps in the pool or lounge on the beach. Oh and speaking of double duty, obviously you're going to want to wear those leggings on the plane. Win, win.

Don't feel the burn

Make sure your sunscreen can keep up with you, because nothing will slow you down faster than a nasty sunburn. From workout, to beach, to poolside drinks and city strolls, a broad spectrum formula that is water resistant is is key. Protection Sport by Dermalogica is a lightweight, non-greasy shield for face and body with an SPF of 50. Just remember, although the formula repels water, be sure to reapply after any serious surf or sweat. Sunscreen has to be applied regularly to be effective.

Stay on the ball

If you want to add even more variety to your travelling gym, consider a (very affordable) Mini Stability Ball (in small or medium) from Merrithew. Compact and portable, this little wonder really does wonders for your workout routine – whether it includes Pilates, barre or functional fitness moves. Strategically placed for ab curls, roll backs, squats, side-lying leg work and more, it will create instability to help fire up your muscles in a major way. The ball deflates to flat for packing, then re-inflates quickly and easily with the included straw once you've reached your destination. Plus, it comes with a bonus workout chart. It's one seriously effective way to target essential muscle groups without weighing down your luggage.