Shape shifting: Spice up your fitness routine with these 5 new workouts

Why wait until the new year to get in better shape? Here are a few fun and fabulous work outs that will up your game.
(Source:, @spokehaus)

Feel like you're in a bit of a fitness rut? It happens. Thankfully, there's always a new studio or workout to try, and any new cross-training that you add to your routine will do your body good. While many of us tend to gravitate towards one type of workout—like cardio junkies who put in daily km's or zen-seekers who can't live without their sun salutations—switching up the ways you workout will ensure all of your muscle groups get some action and that you experience overall conditioning, strength, flexibility, endurance and healthy-heart benefits.

Here are five new workouts that may not be on your radar yet, but should be!

OrangeTheory has been around for six years, but it's only now expanding throughout Canada. Outfitted with a heart rate monitor, you work out at different stations (exercises include a range of suspension training, rowing and treadmill intervals) with the goal of scoring as many minutes as possible in the orange zone, that is, the target zone that boosts energy and revs up the metabolism.


If you only tried spinning years ago, it's time to try it again. While a traditional spin class is quite disciplined and you're focused on form and muscle control, more studios are offer spinning that's more like a dance party on a bike. So, you're off of the saddle, you're wearing clip-in shoes (which means  you're actively pulling up versus only pushing down on the pedals), and often in a dark studio with dance music blasting. In Toronto, you've got new spots to try such as SpinCO and Spokehaus, with the uber popular NYC-based SoulCycle to join the mix in 2017.

If you enjoy a Pilates reformer class, but are looking for something more intense, Studio Lagree is for you. The machine, called the M3 Megaformer, is often dubbed a reformer on steroids, and with a steady pace you get a Pilates-inspired workout that raises your heart rate. The moves are typically completed at a slow pace so as to exhaust your muscles—you'll definitely be sore the day or two after.

If Beyoncé and Justin Bieber make you want to bust a move, you can now get your hip hop groove on at dance classes inspired by these pop stars. At RSVP 33 (with classes in Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver), there's not only Queen Bey but also Rihanna and Meghan Trainor-inspired sessions. In Toronto, Beyography features Beyoncé classes, such as the Get Me Bodied class, naturally, but also includes other pop faves like the Britney Spears-inspired Slave4U session and Janet Jackson Together Again choreography.

Think of Surfset—which has studios in a few cities in Canada—as a workout on a surfboard-shaped wobble board. By performing a mix of exercises, some indeed taken from surfing (such as paddling and jumping up to a standing position to ride a wave) to more balance-based yoga moves, Surfset provides a full-body workout that'll strengthen your core as you work on developing balance on the unstable boards.