Retro aerobics, boxing, mini trampoline — and other online fitness classes to mix up your at-home routine

Find a fun class to add to your roster from these Canadian studios and instructors.

Find a fun class to add to your roster from these Canadian studios and instructors

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For many of us, workouts have pivoted to at-home instead of in-studio for the better part of a year now. Tuning into a virtual class, whether online or live, has been a great way to focus on wellness for a little bit. One of the true positives, aside from not having to leave your place to make it to class on time, is the accessibility of such a variety of fun classes from studios all across Canada. Whether you've found yourself enjoying the work(out) from home routine this whole time and are simply looking to add variety to your weekly schedule, or you're still looking for the right kind of class to get you into home workouts, this list of fun fitness suggestions might have just the thing.

Bounce Fitness at House of Bounce

This virtual class is all about the trampoline. Bounce along with instructors and fellow bouncers for 45 minutes via livestream or on-demand for a low-impact, cardio-heavy sweat session. If you're in the Montreal area and need a trampoline for your home workouts, they also have rentals available. If you're new to what aficionados call "rebounding", they've got a great intro class. 

Retrofit at Soul Fuel Fitness

This hour-long session set to a soundtrack of retro hits is described on Soul Fuel Fitness' site as "part workout, part flashback." The Zoom class is available as a single-purchase drop-in, or as part of a regular membership. It starts off with '80s-style aerobics, then progresses into strength training and a bit of mat work. No equipment is required, but you can use light weights if you want to — same goes for fun spandex ensembles. 

Drop HIIT at Drop Boxing

Switch up your usual HIIT class by incorporating a bit of boxing. The full body Drop HIIT workout from Drop Boxing is available as part of their on-demand offerings. This session incorporates cardio, HIIT and of course, boxing moves — no punching bag necessary. The 7-day free trial is a great way to try it out and see if it's your thing. 

Front Splits class from Flexspace Studios

If you've always wanted to learn how to do the splits, this class could be for you! The online sessions help you work toward achieving front splits by developing your flexibility and strength in the muscles needed to make it happen. It's a high-intensity course meant for those who are close to being able to do the splits. There's also a Full Body Flexibility course that can help you get started. 

Be Buoyant at Goodbodyfeel

If you decide to buy a bosu ball, you can incorporate it into a lot of HIIT and lift workouts. More importantly, you can use it for this really fun cardio pilates class. This hour-long session starts you off with some slower, targeted movements on the bosu ball before heading into 35 minutes of bouncy cardio, then into a 10-minute cool down and stretch sesh. If you already have a step, you can try this class by substituting that for the bosu. 

Pound at La Femme Strong 

Pound is a full-body workout that's designed to incorporate cardio, conditioning and strength training — all while drumming. Enjoy the music and the workout while channeling your inner rockstar during this 45-minute digital jam session, part of La Femme Strong's live online class offerings. 

Freedom Cardio Dance Party from Formation Studio

A cardio dance party sounds like a super fun way to get some exercise, and you don't need to be a dancer to enjoy it. This 50-minute video is a full-body workout, with no memorization of choreography necessary. A monthly subscription gets you access to their full online video catalogue, and you can access a free two-week trial. Note: you'll need Spotify or Apple music to access their class playlists. 

Zumbini with Lis 

A fun option for those with little ones, this movement class is for kids (infant, toddler, and preschool age) and their caregivers. Zumbini is from the creators of Zumba and is a 45-minute session to "sing, dance, and play as you bond with your child". The next virtual, six-week session starts April 3. 

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