November's Supermoon in Taurus offers opportunities to put things right

Look into your inner world with self-respect and appreciation.

Look into your inner world with self-respect and appreciation

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The term supermoon has been part of our everyday vocabulary since early 2011, when a huge surge in hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes caught the world's attention. It was originally coined by an astrologer back in 1979. It's a catchy moniker to replace the technical term lunar perigee-syzygy, which refers to a New or Full Moon (syzygy) occurring when the Moon is near its closest approach to Earth (perigee).

Let me explain. If the Moon's orbit around our home planet were perfectly circular, the Moon would always be the same distance from Earth. But that is not the case. Our fate-spinner, the Moon, follows an elliptical (egg-shaped) orbit with Earth positioned closer to one end of the ellipse. As a result, the Moon's orbit makes a once-a-month close approach to Earth. This is called a "perigee" taken from the Greek meaning 'near Earth'.

There are some who do not recognize this Supermoon as such, because the Full Moon and perigee are separated by about day. Even so, the Earth and Full Moon are lining up so close to that perigee point, that I'm in the camp that calls it a Supermoon.

Now, when a perigee takes place at the same time as a New or Full Moon, it unleashes a tsunami of power. You'll notice more sirens blaring and life rushing along a faster rate. Go with it. Enjoy the rush. It's going to be fun.This surge of energy is good for you on individual basis. Get in synch with it and you will find the power to achieve the impossible.  

Supermoons tend to come in groups of three. This Saturday's Supermoon is the first in that group. The next two will take place on December 3 and January 2. Each one will have a different flavour. This weekend's Supermoon is in Taurus, ruled by Venus. It's extra potent because the Moon will pass directly over the star, Aldebaran, the brightest star of the constellation Taurus.

Venus rules rules finance, love and sexuality, so this Supermoon is magnifying money issues like government budgets and tax reform. Financial issues are going to be high on your priority list too. If it's a job issue, selling a house, getting your rent paid or just paying bills, you have a chance to get what you need to put everything right.

But it's not only about money. Understanding Taurus at a deeper level brings up issues of your self worth. Are you undervaluing yourself? This Taurus Supermoon is encouraging you to look at your talents and abilities and all that you have to offer. You must respect and appreciate yourself. Only then will the world appreciate all that you have to offer.

This Supermoon is also magnifying the energy of the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury which are all in Scorpio. This is bringing repressed memories and forgotten secrets into the light of day. News has just broken about the discovery of a giant secret void (empty space) within the Great Pyramid of Giza, known as the Khufu, or Cheops, pyramid. It's being called the discovery of the century. Scorpio is releasing its secrets. The same is going on within your psyche. Watch your dreams. They are the royal road to the unconscious. A series of epiphanies will bring enlightenment about who you really are and what you need to do to find fulfilment.

This is a momentous and positive time for you in your search for happiness and meaning in life. Miracles can happen at times like this. Miracles will happen!