Non-medical face masks you can order in Canada

Reusable fabric options from a variety of sellers.

Reusable fabric options from a variety of sellers

(Source, left to right: tristanstyle.com; gap.ca; pachaarts.com)

This article reflects health and safety recommendations at the time of publication. As these are constantly evolving, be sure to follow the most current public health and safety guidelines regarding COVID-19.

This article was originally published May 19, 2020 and was updated July 22, 2020. 

It's been a few months since Canada's chief public health officer announced that wearing non-medical masks can help limit the transmission of COVID-19. We enlisted sewing expert and YouTuber withwendy to show us how to make them, and we've shared some no-sew tutorials too. But purchasing them online is also an option (especially for those without sewing machines or more t-shirts to cut up). 

Below is a list of online retailers that offer shipping within Canada, whose products are described as having "at least two layers of tightly woven material fabric" and ties or ear loops, as per the Public Health Agency of Canada guidelines for appropriate use of non-medical masks and face coverings. It's important to heed the full guidelines when selecting or evaluating your mask. 

Pack of 5 Pleated Masks with Adjustable Ear Loops and Metal Nose Piece, available in two sizes, $30, Send Us Masks

Handmade Cotton Masks with Adjustable Ear Loops, $22, Likely General

3-Pleat Mask With Nose Adjustment, $15, Tristan Style

Mask with Metal Nose Piece and Filter Pocket, from $18.50 (about 15 day production time), Art of Where

Face Mask, available in two sizes, $19.99, The Peoples Mask

Made-to-Measure Mask with Adjustable Nose Wire, $34, Mode Masks

Variety 10-Pack of Triple-Layer Pleated Cloth Face Masks for Adults, $30, Old Navy

Family 8-Pack of Pleated Masks for Adults and Kids, $48, Gap

Pack of 5 Masks with Strings, $38, Reformation

Adjustable Child Size Linen Face Mask, $16.88, Mira & Belle

Around the Head Face Mask, $15, Beni Boo

Silk Blend Face Mask, $25, Econica

Pleated Mask, available for children and adults, pay what you can starting at $10, Oberforz

Face Mask, available for adults or for children, $17.37, Kejeo Designs

Pack of 2 Masks, $16.50, Threads

Pack of 3 Bamboo Face Masks, available in two sizes, $59.99, Olive + Splash 

Face Mask with Strings and Filter Pocket, $24 (processing time is one week plus shipping), Kaela Kay

Mask, $19.99, Kapish

Adjustable Masks with Elastic and Toggle, set of 2, $24, Frank And Oak

Face Mask with Ear Loops or Head Loops, $14.95, Birdie & Bub Clothing

Pleated Face Mask, available in three sizes, $15, Quartermoon Crew

Face Mask, $14, Muttonhead

Face Mask, $14.95, Loop Lifestyle

Uma Mask with Ties and Clasp by Yana Manta, $14, Pacha Indigenous Art Collection

(Source: Steven Sabados)

Face Mask for Adults or for Children, $15, Evermine Boutique

Pleated Mask for Adults or for Children, made by the Winnipeg social enterprise The Cutting Edge, $15 and $14, Lite Box

Mask with Filter, $15, OKE

Face Mask with Pocket for Filter, $20 suggested (made-to-order), Andrea Wong

5-Pack Face Masks with Strings, $68 (pre-order), Encircled

Pleated Mask with a Pocket for Filter, $16.99, MOJi

Contoured Masks, set of 2, $25, Easter Shores Apparel

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