New mama? Here are 6 items that you need right now

Whether you’re a new mom, or you know one who could use a little something to take care of herself, here are six essentials that will make getting through the day — and those long, sleepless nights — way easier.

Pending baby's arrival, you'll be inundated with baby clothes, baby books, baby toys and other baby needs. But what of mom?

After welcoming my first child this past December, I found there were a few things that become necessary to making me happy while I was caring for my daughter.

Whether you're a new mom or you know one who could use a little something to take care of herself, here are six items that I found essential to making it through the day, and those long, sleepless nights.

Save face

Who has time for a face masque when you're breastfeeding, etc? Well, you do! Being a new mom is not the most glamourous—think sore nipples, sitz baths and a tummy that resembles your five-months-pregnant stomach. So to ease the pain, while I was doing my daily sitz bath every night before bed, I would apply a hydrating face masque to help take care of my skin while I took care of… well, you know. All you need is someone to take care of babe for 15 minutes (oh hey, dad!), while you apply.

This overnight treatment, which will sink in while you sitz, includes certified organic Jasmine, chamomile and grapefruit, as well as tomato, potato and red raspberry stem cells (to boost the skin's natural repair process), and curcuminiods, an extract from turmeric root that helps to even skin tone over time. Bonus: this masque is 97 per cent organic and will leave you looking fresh and brighter in the morning, even when you've woken up three times plus in the middle of the night to feed your little one.

Aveda Tulasãra Wedding Masque Overnight, $65.00, aveda.com and Aveda salons, spas and stores

Walking on sunshine

OB/Gyn's caution new moms to wait about six weeks before they return to their regular workout routine, but if you're frustrated with hibernating, having a stroller with all-terrain wheels is a must for getting out of the house, even for 15 to 30 minutes. The Bugaboo Buffalo also comes with a bassinet that is pretty wind-resistant, meaning it's made for our Canadian winters.

Bugaboo Buffalo Classic Collection stroller, $1,459, available at baby retailers across Canada. Visit bugaboo.com for store locations.

Idol hands

One thing that slipped my mind when I got home was how much I would be washing my hands. After changing dirty diapers, looking after spit up and washing bottles and the breast pump, they became scaly and dry. The Delectable Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream Kit, which comes with four delicious smelling 2 oz. tubes of lotion (it's hard to pick a favourite, but I do love the Coconut & Cream), is a must because you can leave each tube in a strategic place, like your nightstand, the diaper bag, your car and your bathroom. #momhack

Delectable Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream Kit, $16, Shoppers Drug Mart and cakebeauty.com

Sleep savior

The sleep deprivation is so real. Friends with a one-year-old recommended that we bring our own pillows to the hospital and we were so glad we did. Having a comfortable place to lay my head while our daughter slept was important (those hospital pillows just don't cut it). Even when you're getting power naps as opposed to actual zzz's, the Casper pillow, which has a supportive pillow on the inside and a plush pillow on the outside (um, heaven!) will be a welcome addition to your new situation.

Casper pillows, from $100 (standard) to $200 (king), casper.com

Get correct

In the first few weeks of mom-hood, you generally give no f***s about how you look. One way to look like Superwoman? Take one minute to apply a colour correcting CC cream, with SPF 24, to help minimize dark circles and redness, while it adds a much-needed glow to your visage. Now, sit back, snuggle that baby and let the compliments roll in.

Lise Watier CC Creme Colour Corrector, $48, Shoppers Drug Mart and lisewatier.com

H2-oh yes!

You were busy throughout your pregnancy keeping yourself and baby well hydrated. And now that baby is here, you'll need to down even more water, especially if you're breastfeeding (you've never been as thirsty!). So, grab a badass water bottle to take wherever you and baby roam.

BKR Spiked Lala bottle, $45, beautyboutique.ca